Tuesday, June 01, 2021

End of the School Year

End of the school year! I'm so thankful we made it through this entire school year in person! We had a couple of quarantines for exposure but it wasn't bad.  We didn't know how this year would look but it was a great year.  I'm thankful that it seems like next year will be back closer to normal how we used to know it! 

We spent the last week of school super busy.  We had a lot of big moments.  Starting with kindergarten graduation! 

Normally it'a a big event and they hold it at the high school and parents and grandparents all go.  They had to get a little creative this year but at least they had it! 

They did it in their school and hosted it online live so we could watch and then parents were invited to come and eat pizza outside with the kids.  It was supposed to be on playgrounds but it was pouring rain so we were under the awning but it was perfect.  

Will Holden had the BEST teacher.  She really is a gift. Hollis had her too.  My girls have gone by her classroom every morning on their way to their own classes and she tells them to "Shine for Jesus".  She loved my boy well and taught him so much.  She is the type who shows up to kindergarten birthday parties and soccer games.  She is the Mary Poppins of all teachers and I'm grateful for her! 

And WH with our principal who we love also.  And who will text me when WH does funny stuff at school.  Which is often.  ha! 

He made it! He's headed to first grade! 

Next up Hollis had 4th grade graduation.  Our schools are broken up K-4 (elementary), 5-6 (middle school), 7&8 (junior high) and then 9-12 High school.  So I will have 3 kids in 3 schools next year.  

They did the same thing for 4th grade.  We watched online and then came up for popsicles and pictures.  

Only this time it was HOT and humid.  I was sweating out there.  Hollis went home with a friend after and they had so much fun together.  

Hollis had the sweetest teacher also.  She was so kind and a great teacher.  We were so thankful Hollis spent the year with her! 

And Harper finished middle school and is headed to junior high.  I can hardly believe it.  I let her have a skip day on the last day.  She had a great experience in middle school.  I'm nervous about junior high.  Because JUNIOR HIGH.  But I know she will do great.  She finished with straight A's and I'm so proud of her.  She works so hard.  

Hollis from the first day of elementary to the last day.  I'm glad I still have WH or I would be so sad.  We love our elementary school so much.  I will probably be crying in a corner when WH leaves it.  

I know everyone didn't have the same experience this past year and I hate that.  Hopefully next year will be better for all of us.  We are excited about a fun summer.  Since last year was kind of a bust - we are ready for all the things.  Arkansas is basically back to normal life and I couldn't be happier.  We have camps and VBS and fun with friends and family planned! Starting with a trip to the beach where we are now.  I will post all about our trip next week and where we stay and eat, etc.  


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