Friday, June 25, 2021

Business and Bible School

It always feels like the school year is SO busy but summer is just a different kind of busy.  We have had a full week and I'm so glad it's the weekend! 

This is an example of what our week has looked like! 

The Stamps Sisters Babysitting club is officially under way.  They got their first job yesterday morning.  So they had to get up bright and early! 

First I took them downtown to get coffee (for me not for them) and then I dropped them off so I could race across town to my office because I had an 8:30 meeting.  

I worked in my office a while (this is our storage) and then ran a few business errands and went home and picked up Will Holden and took him to the grocery store with me and then we picked up the girls and brought them home and made everyone lunch.  

Then I took Hollis to basketball camp and WH and I met a friend at the book bus.  It was SO hot yesterday - it was just too hot to do anything.  

I picked up this girl from basketball camp and we came home and I cooked a quick dinner and we ate so we could go to Family Night at church.  

Family night was awesome.  I served hot dogs while my family went down the giant slip and slide and got in the bouncy houses and walked around.  It was a beautiful night and a great end to a good week.  

We loved our first VBS at our new church.  It was a night time VBS which I've never done.  I loved that so many men helped.  That's not the case for morning VBS.  We had probably close to 1000 people there and my kids had a blast! 

This was my high point.  I talk all the time on my insta stories how I love walmart music.  If your store isn't playing the music loudly  - I'm sorry.  It's usually 90's music and I can't help but dance and sing every time I shop.  Well I just recently found out that there is a man who is behind all the music at Walmart .  He's the Walmart DJ and he goes to my church!! He had his own DJ booth on stage at VBS and he played fun music all week.  So I had to meet him and get a picture! 

This guy had so much fun.  It was his first time to not be in preschool VBS.  He made a few friends.  Hollis made a good friend and I'm so excited about that because they will be in pre-teens together next year.  

And Harper already had several friends there.  6th graders get to help.  So Harper was my helper.  We had 14 kindergarteners.  We were both worn out but it was fun.  And she was such a great help.  Honestly she was probably a better leader than me - super organized and helpful.  I can't believe her career of going to VBS is over! She's been going since she was a baby.  

WH got pulled on stage for a game.  I don't think I have ever seen him be so serious.  He didn't crack a smile.  

Our summer is flying by! 


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