Friday, March 05, 2021

My favorite apps for Saving money!

I LOVE using savings apps.  I have saved a ton of money to use for things like trips and just extras by using savings apps so I thought I would share my tips with y'all! 

My #1 I use the most is Ibotta.  I have made over $5000 in the last 5 years from using this app! There are a few ways that I use it.  Before I go to Walmart (or whatever grocery store you use) - I check Ibotta.  They have tons of items that will have money back for buying them.  So often it's things I would normally buy or I will get a different brand just to get the money back.  You check off any item you think you might buy.  Then after shopping, just scan the receipt and you get the money in your account.  

There are constant bonuses - like redeem 5 items and get an extra $1.  Often the bonuses are as much as $10 and sometimes it's buy 3 things from one brand for an extra $1.  This adds up quickly.  

The other thing is to click on Ibotta BEFORE you online shop.  You can get different percentages back this way.  Since I use several apps like this - I usually search a couple of them to see who has the biggest percentage back and use that app to shop online! 

Ibotta is the app I have gotten the most money back from and I think it's pretty easy to use especially once you get the hang of it.  

Just click here to download! 

Fetch is the app that is the easiest to use.  Literally ALL you do is take a picture of your receipt from Walmart, Sam's, Target, wherever and it will give you points based on what you buy and then you trade those points in for gift cards like Amazon.  I like this app because it takes 3 seconds to take a picture of my receipt and it adds up! Just by getting the app - you will get 2000 points (which translates to $2).  

Dosh is great for getting money back when shopping online.  You have to link a card to the account.  The way I like to use it is when we are planning Disney trips.  

You can link your debit card (or even your Disney credit card) and buy Disney gift cards from which are already discounted 5%.  Then you will get 2% cash back on top of that.  That adds up quick on a big trip.  

We did this on our last trip.  We paid for the whole thing with Disney gift cards and that saved us hundreds.  You can also get cards to take with you to pay for souvenirs or food.  

Keep in mind - that because of Covid - some people have had a hard time getting money back if they paid with gift cards and then had to cancel.  Since you don't have to pay until 45 days ahead - maybe hold off as long as you can on buying the gift cards and using them if you think there is any chance you will have to cancel.  

If you do a lot of online shopping - Rakuten might be for you.  You get money back from all your purchases.  I just started using this one so i'm trying it out! 

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