Monday, January 18, 2021

Celebrate Well

Harper turned 12 on Saturday! I can hardly believe she is 12.  One more year and she will be a teenager! 

We had a fun family day to celebrate! 

We started the morning with presents.  She was all smiles! 


I pulled out her first birthday decorations! I'm so glad I saved them all.  

My aunt Linda and my parents came over to see her.  

So thankful they could come see us for a few hours.  Notice all my barefoot children. ha! Doesn't my mom look great? 

Yes Harper is almost as tall as me.  

Love this banner that we had for her first birthday! I love using it! 

I'm so proud of who this girl has become.  She is so smart.  So kind.  So thoughtful.  She loves Jesus.  She is a great friend.  She is more than we deserve.  

After my parents left - we took her to do her choice of things.  She wanted Starbucks.  She likes the "pink drink".  

We shopped Target.  

And she got gumbo at her favorite restaurant.  She's a girl after my own heart.  

Instead of a birthday cake - we got Crumbl cookies.  We love them! 

She got monopoly so we came home to play.  I HATE board games and monopoly is the worst but it was her birthday so I gave it a good try.  

We had a sweet day with our girl.  

Sunday we went to church and then spent a day at home catching up on life.  And we are excited to have a day off today to be home! 

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