Thursday, January 14, 2021

A little of this and a little of that

Just a little look into our life lately..........

We had a low key weekend this past weekend.  I had to get a lot of house stuff caught up but I promised Will Holden I would take him to a park to play.  So Saturday afternoon I took him in the freezing cold to play.  I love time with this funny boy.  

He's growing so fast! 

Sunday we went to church and got out early so we went to brunch at Louise.  They have this one really nice booth but we never get to sit in in but we got it on Sunday and I may have fist bumped.  It's the little things.  


I'm so proud to be their mom.  

I've been working a lot this week.  Susan and I have spent time on Tangible Truth and I've subbed a few days.  

Hollis started basketball! She likes it so far! 

We kept a friends' little girls the other night.  We had the best time with them.  They are so precious and tiny.  Scott said "were our kids EVER that little?"  

I had a fun girls night with two of my best friends.  It's really hard for me to make plans these days but oh it's good for my soul to spend time with friends who I can talk to about anything.  

We have a big weekend coming up! My Harper is turning 12! TWELVE! Can you believe that? So many of you have been around since I was trying to get pregnant with her or since she was born.  We have been friends for 12 years! ha! I'm so proud of the girl she has become! 

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