Monday, October 05, 2020


Can you believe October is here? 
I've had a busy week.  I have an office to go to now with Tangible Truth and that's been great.  We are there a couple of times a week and Susan is doing counseling on other days.  We celebrated National Coffee Day together! 

Milli and I both got hair cuts/color last week.  Poor Milli could finally see and my gray got washed away! We both felt a lot better! 

We have made it through six weeks of school and it's gone really well! I'm SO grateful! 

We had such a fun treat this past Friday night.  My cousin, Gae, lives in MS.  We rarely get to see her but she and her family were driving through and spending the night here and she messaged to see if she could see us.  I was so excited so I invited my mom and Dad and Aunt Linda to come see them too.  They all came over for dinner on Friday night.  This is Gae's daughter and her granddaughter with my kids.  I wish we could get together more often.  

Gae's husband just retired from the FBI.  He's had a very interesting life.  
Please pray for Gae's brother Jason.  They are my only two cousins on my mom's side.  Jason is 6 years older than me and has 3 kids - two teenagers and one who is at Harvard.  I have looked up to them my whole life.  Jason was just diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer.  We are praying for a miracle for him.  

Saturday morning we all went to Will Holden's game.  Harper and I are loving these sweatshirts from southern Trend.  And if you think Harper looks old - it's because she is.  She's almost as tall as me.  GAH! 

Can you tell it was cold Saturday morning? We had a great time cheering him on! 

Saturday afternoon, the guys watched football and we girls went shopping.  My girls quit after lunch and Mom and Aunt Linda wore me out shopping.  I can't keep up with the 70 year olds.  I apparently didn't get the shopping gene those two have. ha! I'm a product of online shopping.  

Saturday night we ate BBQ and watched the Hog game.  It was on a weird channel that we didn't have so we spent a whole quarter trying to get it streamed.  We finally were able to get it on our bedroom TV. That's the only one we have apple TV on I guess.  So we drug in chairs in our bedroom and huddled around our bed. ha! SO worth it because after 3 years Arkansas FINALLY won aa game.  When you have lost all your games for three years - it sure is sweet to win!!!!! 

Yesterday morning my parents and Linda went to church with us.  They went home after that and we had to play catch up the rest of the day - laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping.  We have two very busy weeks ahead! I'm thankful to be busy! 


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