Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Art in Bentonville

Y'all know I love my little town of Bentonville.  I'm asked so often about what to do when people visit.  So I had a chance recently to pair up with some local favorites to experience some of the best of our town to share.  They sponsored my instagram posts but not my blog but I wanted to share it here anyway because I always need more information to share with people when they come and we truly loved this experience! 

I knew when I had an opportunity for an ART staycation that I wanted to take my girls.  Scott and I could have had a night away but he wouldn't appreciate the art like the girls and I don't get to have a chance like this often with my girls and they are growing on me fast.  

First we hit up Crystal Bridges. I will never get over that we have such an INCREDIBLE art museum in our little small town of Arkansas.  It's FIRST CLASS.  They have a short term exhibit of Ansel Adams right now and we loved it.  You have to buy tickets to this.  CB is always free but special exhibits usually cost. 

But getting to see Ansel Adams in my back yard was so worth it.  The girls thought it was super cool.  

Right now you do have to have a timed ticket to get into CB but that is how they keep crowds down and it was glorious.  It was almost like we had the museum to ourselves! 

After dinner we walked downtown to dinner.  We really do live in Stars Hollow.  (Tell me you get that reference! ) 

We ate at Tavola which is Italian.  I don't eat there often enough.  I forget how good it is.  I had a salad but we got the crostini's that were so good I have been craving them ever since.  

We stayed at the 21C hotel downtown.  I have always wanted to stay there.  It's a hotel and a museum which makes it unique.  

The girls loved the room.  It was super modern and super clean.  They are taking extra precautions in the hotel so we felt totally safe.  

We love staying in hotels so we were happy girls! 

After dinner we headed to the momentary.  The momentary is a modern art museum in an old Kraft cheese factory.  It's super cool.  And it's FREE! 

They have a special exhibit right now and it was very interesting! 

Inside and outside of the momentary is cool.  There is a big lawn that people hang out on and a big tent where they have music and bocce ball.  And you can walk over to the 8th street market and eat at all kinds of restaurants.  

We had the BEST time even though we had to check out super early on Saturday morning to go to WH's football game.  

If you are looking for a fun little weekend trip - come see us! 


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