Monday, September 14, 2020

Tigers and Dogs Oh My!

Last week I was on Ouachita's Podcast.  I love my alma mater so much so it was a big honor to be on the podcast.  I got to talk about college memories as well as all kinds of other stuff.  If you want to listen it's here -

The girls and I and Laurie and her girls had SO much fun going back for Homecoming last October.  They can't have homecoming this year.  Stupid Covid.  It's so weird to think about this time last year and how different the world was.  I hugged a lot of people that weekend.  I miss that! 

On Monday - I got to meet up with Kyle and Brianna.  They met on my singles page in February.  She lives in Baltimore MD and he lives in AR.  They are VERY serious.  They wanted to meet me and it was so fun.  They shared how she slid into his DM's and they have talked for hours on the phone.  Quarantine has actually helped me move their relationship along quickly.  I also got two wedding invitations this past week from other couples who met on the instagram account! 

I saw this picture on the school website of Harper and one of her best friends.  It's fuzzy but I loved seeing her in action at school.  

One of Will Holden's best friends had a birthday last week.  We went by to see him and take him a little happy.  We were just going to drive by but of course WH wanted to get out and see him.  These two love each other and are always hugging.  We couldn't keep them from it.  Sometimes you just need to hug your best friend - sickness or no sickness.  The joy they felt was worth it! We ALL need this! 

Vet visits even look weird right now.  You just pull up and they get the dog, take her in and bring her back.  Milli does NOT love this but i'm okay with it.  ha! 

 We are starting week four of school! So far so good! Hope y'all are having a great Monday! 

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