Friday, August 21, 2020

Ready for School

This week has been dedicated to getting ready to go back to school next week.  

Last year we started taking the kids one at a time for a little school shopping date.  It's a little easier to pull off this year since Scott works from home - I can leave the other kids at home.  Monday I took Harper to lunch and to Target to get her supplies.  

I love the chance to spend one on one time.  We do our best talking that way.  

Tuesday was Will Holden's turn.  He was SO excited to pick out his school supplies.  

Wednesday the girls each had a friend over. They had a great time hanging with their friends.  

These two are so sweet.  They aren't in the same class for the first time since Kindergarten.  It was a little sad at first but Hollis has a few friends in her class.  The classes are going to be together at lunch and at recess and they won't be mingling with other classes so I'm hoping she makes good friends in her class this year.  

I found this picture of me on the first day of school when I was about their age.  I had a MULLET, mom jeans and those yellow earrings.  Oh and the glasses.  Not pictured is my headgear.  Kids these days do not look like that anymore.  

I put together teacher gifts for the first day and they couldn't possibly be more 2020 if they tried.  Yes - I found a few things of wipes and snatched them up! It was a lucky day! 

Yesterday, kindergarten had in person open house. They gave us assigned times so only a few kids and parents were in the building at a time.  Will Holden has the same teacher that Hollis had.  We love her.  She's wonderful! Will Holden thought she was so nice.  He can't wait to start.  Kindergarten starts 3 days after the other grades so  I get a few last days of just him next week.  

The girls had virtual open houses.  Everything is so weird but the teachers are doing the greatest jobs at all of it.  

Us and our kindergarten boy.  I can't believe we are here.  When he was born, I told myself I could survive until he started kindergarten and it seems light years away.  And instead it went so fast.  

Last night was Hollis' turn to do her shopping! 

She picked out everything she needed and loaded it in her backpack.  And we are officially ready! We are going to have some fun over the weekend to celebrate the end of a five month summer! 

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