Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Summer Fun

This summer I'm having to get creative on keeping us busy.  Things are complicated with Scott working from home and being on a lot of calls so I'm constantly trying to keep everyone quiet.  (Which is nearly impossible in our loud house) So I am trying to think of ways to get us out of the house but it's not easy when most of our go to things are closed this summer.  

If you are in NWA - I wrote an article on ideas of what do with your kids this summer while we are thinking outside the box.  ha! 

It's all about spending time outdoors this summer.  Except it all the sudden got BLOOMING hot and humid in the last week.  We take a lot of walks and I'm SO thankful to live in a town full of beautiful trails. 

We love to walk the trails around Crystal Bridges - it gives us things to look at.  

We are not really "camping" people (or maybe I'm just not) but Scott ordered the kids a tent so they could camp in the backyard.  They set it up during Memorial Weekend.  I fixed up a S'mores tray and Scott built a fire in our back yard.  

This was a total Daddy/kids night.  I'm not a fan of campfires - I hate the smell.  But they had the best time.  This was before it got hot and humid.  They sat outside around the fire for hours.  

And then they all 4 slept in the tent.  I enjoyed a "vacation" night and put on a face mask and watched a movie and slept alone in my comfy bed.  But it was a lot of fun for the kids.  

We spend a lot of time walking around downtown also.  Sometimes we stop for snow cones which are a necessity in the summer! 

We love to walk and explore.  

And we are a sucker for food trucks.  Especially ice cream food trucks.  

And coffee! yeah! 

And sometimes the kids just make up their own fun - like trying Milli's leashes to Will Holden's truck and having them drive them around the neighborhood.  

And we have been taking bike rides.  

This summer is one with nothing on the calendar but we are actually having a great time so far.  I'm even sad that we only have nine weeks left.  We just try to plan one fun thing a day! 

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