Friday, May 01, 2020

These are a few of my Quarantine Things.........

It's Friday! Even though every day seems the same any more it's still Friday and I thought I would share a few of my favorite "Quarantine" things.  These are just things I have loved during the last 7 weeks.  

Bath and Body works hand soap.  Right before we all started this shelter in place in March, I had gone to the store and they were already out of hand soap.  So I went to Bath and Body works and bought a bunch.  I don't normally splurge on more expensive hand soap but when I couldn't find any other kind and we needed to do a lot of hand washing .....I splurged.  And they just smell so good.  I already re-ordered once.  It's just nice to have nice smelling soap at every sink.  

Have ya'll used this detergent? It smells SOOOOOOOOOO good.  I had some a while back and I washed my sheets and towels in it and they would smell SO good.  Since we are home all the time, it's good to have that good smell again.  

I found some bracelets like this a while back and they are my VERY  favorite thing.  There is an expensive brand of these but I got the cheaper and they are so great.  They look cute but they are so lightweight you don't know you are wearing them and they are great for summer because you can wear them to the pool or the beach and dress up your look but they are just plastic.  I found them recently on Epp and Co and had to get the black ones.  I wear these every day! (Epp and co has the cutest earrings too! It's where I get most of mine!) 

I'm washing my hair only every 3-4 days these days which is so great but it helps to have a good dry shampoo.  My very favorite is Living Proof.  It's more expensive but I found a coupon a few weeks ago and was able to get two bottles for the price of one.  That code is not good anymore but if you need really great dry shampoo - this is it! 

My other favorite things during this time has been long walks with either my family or just me and also bike rides.  Getting outside has been key for me! The other thing is happy mail.  Or really any mail.  Going to the mailbox is my favorite thing.  And if you love mail like I love mail.......did you know you can sign up through the post office and get a daily email that shows you what mail you have coming that day? I love checking it early every morning and I already know what is coming (and any packages that I might get)! It's such a nerdy thing but it makes me SOOOOO happy! It's called "Informed Delivery" if you are interested.  

I hope ya'll have a great weekend! It's going to be sunny and warm here so we are excited. It has rained pretty much every weekend since this started so it will be good to have a nice weekend! 

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