Monday, May 04, 2020

Corona Chronicles

Seven weeks.  I can't believe it's been seven weeks at home.  These are just a few glimpses of what life has looked like lately.  

I sat down to write WH's birthday thank you notes the other morning while the kids did school.  With my coffee and water. ha! 

The girls have 3 weeks of school left.  Some days it looks like doing school in bed.  As long as it gets done I don't care.  

One of WH's friends came by to say Happy birthday on Monday and brought him a present.  It was SO sweet! 

And then his preschool teacher and director came by! Yes they are close and touching (for literally 30 seconds).  We just miss them so much.  I hate WH didn't get finish out preschool.  We were at that school for 10 years and I'm going to cry in the fall when I don't have a kid to take there.  

One day last week for lunch I made a brunch board.  I get tired of thinking of ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for this crew and try to shake it up.  This was pretty easy and they loved it.  

Will Holden put this hat on backwards and gave me this look when I asked for a picture.  He told me this is how big boys look. ha! 

I did a live with my friend Brooke last week.  We look scared but it was a fun talk! 

Twins asleep in the bed! ha! 

One of my friends has a college aged girl who cleaned out her closet last week and they invited us over to "shop" on the porch.  My girls were THRILLED!!! They came home with all kinds of treasures.  I thought this was a fun idea.  I told my girls we needed to do this for some little girls.  

I picked up a root kit last week from my hairdresser.  Before I did it I trimmed a little off my ends.  My hairdresser could die.  ha! But it just needed it and it looks better.  And thankfully salons here are opening back up and I already have an appointment in a few weeks!! Praise Hands! 

Over this isolation period - WH has gone from being a momma's boy to a total Daddy's boy.  He sticks to Scott's side like glue.  He's never had this much time with Scott and he's soaking it up! (Scott had been working outside stripping our fence so he's filthy but WH was right at his side).  

We have taken a LOT Of rides and bike rides lately and play in any creek we can find.  The weather has been so nice.  It feels like summer has officially started and we are not sad about that .

I took a few long walks by myself.  I love to listen to podcasts and just spend some time alone! 

Friday night we packed up a picnic and headed to our favorite state park.  It's a secret treasure because it's always empty.  We love to walk and WH rides his bike and they have tables and a waterfall and it's just my current happy place.  

The Ormon met us there.  We kept socially distanced and no one else was around but we did get close for a quick picture because I wanted to remember this time when we were home and finally got together after 7 weeks.  We have all been staying at home full time but it felt good to get together and we were all so happy.  It was just what we needed.  For the record - we were outside and not near each other so we did it right.  And our state has very few cases and is opening back up and I'm thankful for that! We will be staying home probably for the rest of the summer but I'm glad that my friends who have businesses are able to operate.  

Yesterday Hollis' class surprised her teacher in the parking lot of her school for teacher appreciation.  They all bought gifts and stayed apart to give them to her.  It was so sweet.  Her teacher is a gift this year and we have missed her! 

We can't wait to go back to school next year! 

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