Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Last Days

I know December is such a busy month but I would dare say May is always busier.  It's always so full of things - school endings, graduations, weddings, etc.  This year has been different and not as busy for sure but we still have had a few things going on.  We had a week of lasts last week. 

We went to the middle school and picked up anything we had left at school.  Since the kids left and never went back - the teachers sacked up all their stuff and scheduled times for us to pick it up.  I don't know why but I started crying when we saw Harper's teacher.  The year just went so strangely and it made my emotions about that come out.  

Harper had a great group of teachers this year.  This is her homeroom teacher and we both loved her.  The last day looks a little different than the first day.  We will never forget this year that is for sure.  

We went another day to the elementary to pick up Hollis' stuff.  We got to see our favorite librarian.  She is one of our favorite people in general so it just made us all smile to see her! 

A sweet friend dropped off cookies for us one day.  That was so thoughtful and I need to do more things like that! 

I don't know about y'all - but cooking 3 meals a day for my family - I feel like I'm having burn out trying to come up with stuff to eat.  Especially lunch.  We have been having a lot of "snack plates" as I call them.  Last week I made an Italian salad out of stuff I had on hand and it was so good.  

A friend called and brought me a loaf of hot out of the oven homemade sourdough bread.  It was SO DELICIOUS!!! Homemade bread is pretty much my love language (unfortunately).  

Today is technically the last day of school but it's mostly taking attendance so we counted Friday as our last day.  I always take first and last day pictures and I couldn't let this slide by.  The kids were not thrilled but I made them put back on their first day outfits (which means they had to get out of their constant athleisure outfit) and take pictures.  We didn't do it until night instead of first thing in the morning.  But I got a picture!  I can tell how much WH has grown looking at his head and the door handle.  

Honestly - Middle school was so good for Harper.  She had such a great year.  Even though the last 9 weeks were strange she handled it well and she made great friends and I loved that she could face time and text even while we have been at home.  

And next year will be Hollis' last year of elementary school which is crazy.  She was clinging to my legs as a new kindergarten kid and crying and now she is confident and loves school.  

Saturday morning we drove over to Flippin to see my parents for a few hours.  We haven't seen them since early March before my dad went to Africa.  My dad has had Corona (and recovered so well several weeks ago) and my mom was exposed and never got it so we figured it was okay to see them finally.  

My Aunt Linda came to see us too.  The kids love spending time with her.  

It was supposed to rain but it ended up being a really nice (and HOT) day.  We spent most of our time sitting on their porch.  We took Milli and she had never experienced the country or really other dogs so she had the time of her life.  And she also brought home a  few souvenir ticks.  ha! 

The kids were so happy to see their grandparents.  I think it was so good for all of us.  I felt so normal and happy that night when I went to bed.  It's such a weird feeling to just experience things we have taken for granted.  

We came home that night and picked up Local Lime for dinner and stayed up late.  It was a good day! 

My mom made my mamma's chocolate pie for us.  It was my very favorite dessert growing up.  My sweet mam-ma made it for every holiday and when I would go to visit her during college she always had one made for me.  I haven't had one in years and I only tried to make one once.  But I think I may have to try to master it because it's SO good.  Here is the recipe if you want to make it! 

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