Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY! (what does that even mean anymore? ha!) But it's a long weekend.  Which again - seems like we have been on one long weekend for 10 weeks.  And it's also our last day of school - Hallelujah! Technically the last day is Tuesday but it's a virtual field day and I love our school and I love my children - but I'm probably not going to set up relay races for them.  We will just go for a bike ride instead.  I'm so grateful for all the work our precious teachers have put into virtual school.  They made the very best of a bad situation.  But this has not been the best of semesters.  My girls do okay but they just need more structure.  It's so hard not knowing what next year will look like.  Our schools have a task force working on it and have said in July we would have the decision of virtual school or going to school.  I'm hoping my kids can go depending on how that looks.  They would just do better being in person.  And they have told me they would much rather do that.  But we will just see.

I talked about some of my favorite things lately in my instagram story but I thought since it was Friday - I would talk about them here.

I'm so into candles right now because we are home all the time and it comforts me to have a candle burning and our house smelling good.  Laurie has this candle and I've had it before and it smells SOOO good.  It's just a clean/beachy smell.  I just ordered one and I can't wait.  

Dawn is a friend of a friend and she has been through a lot of hard things but has found joy.  If you are struggling right now or have someone in your life who is - this would be a great book to read! 

I started this series on Netflix and it's just what I have needed.  A sweet series about lifelong friends set in the south.  Maybe a little Hallmark-ish but it's the light chick flick series I have been wanting.  I will so sad when I finish it.  Have you watched Virgin River? I loved it too.  I just need them to get the second season up soon! 

Just ordered this top from Target.  It also comes in white.  It's so cute and I love the sleeves and it's only $20! I hope I love it as much as I think I will.  Stay tuned! 

Have a  good weekend! Remember those who lost their lives for our freedom.  Even if it doesn't feel very free right now.  

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