Monday, March 09, 2020

Soccer and Locks Ins and Tacos

It's been a busy few weeks.  I thought I would write about all the goings on! 

Last Thursday we had Tacos and Testimonies at church - it was a women's event.  I went that morning to set up and decorate and several of us had kids there and they had the best time playing together! 

I took my girls with me that night.   I thought it would be good for them to hear.  I've had people ask me about what we do.

We serve a big buffet of tacos, rice, beans, chips, salsa, etc.  We eat and then we go to the church for testimonies.  We had two women share their stories on video and one in person.  They all had the theme of being saved later in life and finding Jesus.  It was so good and hopeful and relatable! 

Mercedes is an OBU girl who spoke and she did so great.  My girls love her! 

I used to love women's events when my kids were itty bitty because it was a break from diapers to get away and refresh and now I love them going with me.  

Friday morning I had a board meeting for Tangible Truth that I work for part time and then I found myself with a couple of hours so I went to the Holler to eat lunch and work.  This snack plate is SO good! 

The Holler is such a fun space to go to work or have meeting or just have a fun meal! 

That night we had a lock in at church for GA's (girls in action - a church program where we learn about missions and service).  

We had such a great time! 

One of Harper's best school friends got to come with her

We did a scavenger hunt at night.  Running through the dark church with glow sticks - this is what memories are made of! 

We spent the night in the chapel.  I was the newbie who didn't realize all the adults brought air mattresses so I was sleeping with just a comforter and pillow.  Let's just say it wasn't the best sleep of my life. ha! Next year I'm bringing a mattress! 

My girls had a great time! 

We left the next morning and went straight to the soccer fields.  I didn't realize soccer would start in February but here we go.  Will Holden is playing this spring so we spend all morning on Saturdays on the fields.  I love it so much! 

Saturday night after I finally got a good shower but no nap we went to an early dinner at Louise.  

This salmon quinoa bowl was so good

We tried a new to us ice cream spot in town.  

It's 80's themed and it was so good! 

I will try to post more this week.  Singles day got me off my game.  But I'm going to try and catch up! 

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