Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bubble Gum and Bible Studies

Our days are full right now of soccer.  Will Holden practices on Monday nights and Hollis on Tuesday nights and then they are both on Saturdays back to back.  Will Holden LOVES playing.  He has a big grin on his face the whole time.  And so do I! 

His coach had them wear the little net jerseys the other night and I guess they are called Penny's.  (who knew?)  The coach said "I'm going to give ya'll penny's" and WH came running out saying "The coach is giving us MONEY!!!" 

Love this boy! 

I started a new Bible Study at church by Whitney Capps.  It's all about the letters to the small churches in Revelation and just the local church.  It is well needed for me in this season.  

I just finished leading this study by Christine Caine and it was SO good! It's very convicting about sharing the Gospel.  And I'm thinking very important in this current stage of national panic in general.  Jesus IS coming back and He is in control.  

Laurie and I had lunch with our youth girls associate from church.  We just adore her.  She is a recent OBU graduate and just such a wonderful girl.  And I love that she works so closely with the youth girls - especially since I'm not that far away from having one.  I am thankful for good role models in my kids' lives.  

Harper is a good sport at sitting at all the soccer.  And I love the time I get to just sit and hang with her.  

Milli turned 4 months.  Scroll down to see how much she has grown! 

I would say in the last few days she is getting a little better.  She's having less accidents and is a little less wild.  If she would just not eat all of our shoes.  ha! 

My parents came for a visit last Wednesday.  My dad flew out Thursday morning to go to Africa to train pastors.  He's there over 2 weeks so I'm praying he gets home safely and doesn't get stuck and quarantined.  

Hollis told them she really wanted a big bucket of bubble gum for her birthday and they delivered.  She was so happy! 

I got Will Holden all officially registered for kindergarten.  He is very excited! I can't believe it's actually time! 

I looked back and found pictures from the day I registered each kid.  Harper said her hair was terrible back then. ha! I can't believe how quickly time has gone from then to middle school.  Sigh.  

Spring is finally here and I took Will Holden for a McDonalds picnic at the park one day.  Those are two of his favorite things.  

It is warming up and staying light later and I'm thankful for all of it.  

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