Thursday, March 19, 2020


We are living out strange days.  But I want to try to keep documenting what it was like for us.  So hopefully one day we can look back and talk about it but know we made it to the other side.  

We started online learning on Tuesday.  They are trying to make it like a full day of school so we had about 5 hours worth of work.  The girls were troopers.  We sat at the table and got it all done.  They have work under every teacher.  Our teachers are amazing.  They have had to totally change how they do things and it's been so great.  Different but okay.  I didn't take any pictures except this one on Tuesday.  We got all of our work done after lunch and then they had the rest of the day free.  I'm not into making them a schedule or trying to find activities for them.  They are so good at entertaining themselves.  I've been so proud of them.  They haven't watched hardly any TV - they have just played really well together.  

I'm trying to take one small area of the house each day to organize.  I have weeks of projects to tackle so it's nice to have this extra time.  I'm also staying on top of the laundry for the first time ever.  

We actually have been enjoying this week so far.  (Ask me again in a few weeks if we are still home).  It's nice to not have to wake up and be out of the house by 7:15 every morning.  (If you homeschool - I will go ahead and tell you now that that's not reason enough for me to homeschool. ha ha) But for now, we are enjoying our slow mornings.  I get up around 7 and get ready and clear the dishwasher and start laundry and then the girls are up around 8 or 8:30.  This morning they wanted to make breakfast.  

Since Saturday, we have all stayed in our pj's and I don't even think the girls have combed their hair but starting yesterday I decided we needed some normalcy so we all got dressed and did our hair and I put on makeup.  We have been doing a short devotion together and then they start their work.  

We stopped for lunch and then they finished shortly after.  

Hollis got a package from her grandparents for her birthday and she was so excited! The kids had free time and they played while I got some stuff done.  

Several people have mentioned to me making sure we have hearing aid batteries so I checked our stock - we have hoarded a lot thankfully.  Back in the fall, batteries went on clearance and I bought a ton! And I'm so thankful I did.  

It's been cold and rainy since Saturday which has made being stuck at home a little difficult but today it warmed up to 70 and the sun peeked out a tiny bit so we got out on a trail and walked 3 miles.  It was Milli's first long walk and she loved it! We stayed 6 ft away from anyone we saw.  I think the fresh air and exercise was good for us.  

This whole thing is hardest on this little guy.  He's a super social 7 on the enneagram.  He wants to be with his friends or doing something so bad.  Every night he says " what are we doing tomorrow?"  I'm afraid right now the answer is like groundhog day and he can't understand why we can't see people.  But kids are resilient! 

Milli was wiped out after her long walk.  

I'm trying so hard to be very positive and I AM trusting in God but in all truthfulness - I'm just sad.  I'm sad for those who have it SO much worse and true problems.  I'm sad at the uncertainty.  I'm sad the loss of everything.  I'm sad for my kids.  I'm scared.   But even talking some of it out with the kids - they are so happy and accepting - it makes me so grateful for them.  

We don't know what tomorrow holds - but we know who holds tomorrow.  I know that's an old cheesy Christian saying but I'm truly seeing that lived out right now.  

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