Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Favorites

I wish I could do a fun post and say some of my Friday favorites like a new shirt or favorite makeup or whatever but right about now my favorite things would be toilet paper and alone time.  ha! And I'm not wearing anything but pj's and sweats and not much makeup.  Laurie and I were supposed to be heading to Little Rock this weekend to see Ben Rector.  We had second row seats.  But hopefully we will get to do it in the fall.

Things are just sad and scary and I go from being okay to crying to having terrible anxiety.  But I have found some good things - some favorites if you will - so I thought I would share those in the midst of this social distancing.

1.  Slowed down time with my family

Ask me again in 3 weeks  - school isn't going back until 4/17 and I honestly doubt it goes back at all so I'm sure things are going to get harder but right now we are actually enjoying being together.  Scott and I are getting along better than ever even being together 24/7.  The kids have been really sweet and haven't fought (much) and they honestly haven't watched much TV.  Today they spent a bunch of time coming up with magic tricks.  They haven't complained at all about being home so I'm trying not to.

2.  Saving money

I'm trying to be thankful that staying home and not going anywhere and eating all our meals at home (which I'm trying to get creative with) is saving us money.  We are going to try and help our local owned restaurants and get curb side meals some too.  I'm so worried about all the small businesses.  The best thing we can do is buy gift cards or get take out.

3.  Community

I've seen so much good in our community.  People banding together to help.  Whether it's kids who need food outside of school or people helping small businesses or people sending cards to nursing homes that can't have visitors or just people checking on their neighbors - there is so much good out there.

4.  Renewed faith

Even though things are hard - I've seen people turning to Jesus.  I pray that people will see their need for God in all of this and a great revival will happen.

5.  Social Media

This is a blessing and a curse.  I have to get off some times because it makes me anxious but on the other hand I see people giving information like what store has eggs and sharing funny memes that make us all laugh.  Sometimes we have to laugh to get through things and this is one of those times. It's very serious and hard - but we still need to find a way to keep laughing and living.

6.  Appreciation for people like teachers and medical staff

I'm fairly all mothers right now are super thankful for teachers and we should all be thankful for those in the medical field.  And I'm thankful for trash collectors.  And people who work at the grocery store.  People who are still doing jobs that help us keep going.

7.  Fresh Air and the Outdoors

We have had so much rain that it's been tough but as soon as the weather clears at all - we are getting out for walks and fresh air.  We don't have to be 6 feet away from grass or trees thank goodness!

Those are some of the things that I'm thankful for right now.  I know it might get a lot worse around us before it gets better but just keep praying and STAYING HOME!!!! If we all who can will stay home - maybe this will pass much quicker!

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