Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas fun

Last week Will Holden had his preschool Christmas program.  We have been at this preschool for 10 years and this is our last program which is so bittersweet.  Will Holden played Joseph.  I was a little nervous about this but he was so good! He took it very serious! 

Sweet boy! He had to wave at mama a few times but mostly he just smiled proudly! 

His friend Remi was Mary.  He kept telling me he had to hold her hand and lead her to baby Jesus.  I love that his school helped him to understand the story of Jesus more.  

The girls had a fun week at school.  They had "ugly sweater" day.  We got these at Walmart but I thought they were a lot more cute than ugly! 

Hollis had her Christmas party on Thursday.  I got to go and help run it.  

Love this girl! We left right after the party to head to go to Scott's parents for the weekend to celebrate Christmas #1.  More on that later.........

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