Friday, November 01, 2019

Halloween 2019

We have had a fun Halloween.  Halloween is one of our favorite times of year.  I love fall.  I love having fun with the kids and I love spending time with friends.  And it's like the doorway into the holidays - it's hard not to love it! 

Will Holden had his preschool party on Wednesday.  It was super hero theme! He's been wanting a super hero costume anyway and they had them on clearance at Sam's.  So it was perfect! 

I worked snacks and it was fun to be there with him.  

Yesterday was Hollis' costume parade and party.  I'm one of the room moms so I was there early and got to watch the parade.  I was dying over how cute this girl was.  

She and her best friend.  These two are the sweetest.  

Hollis wanted to be an old woman this year.  We always do a family theme so we planned it around her wanting to be a granny.  Little Red Riding Hood worked out perfect.  

Scott and I joined in as lumberjacks! We have had a family theme for 9 years.  I always think this will be the last year.  Who knows.  I let the kids decide.  They start planning the next years themes right around November 2 every year. ha! 

We always go to the Ormon house for Halloween.  Their neighborhood is great for trick or treating.  We always eat pizza and then go all around.  Sometimes other people join us and sometimes it's just us.  

Steve dressed up like Scott.  ha ha! You would have to know Scott but this is his uniform.  He wears a white v neck tee and shorts and flip flops every single day when he gets home and every weekend.  365 days a year.  

We had the best time! The kids got a ton of candy and we had a lot of laughs.  Will Holden was super pumped over all the candy! 

And now it's November..........

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