Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fall Fun

This has been the busiest month but full of so much fun! 

Last week I had parent teacher conferences for both girls.  I'm so proud of them! Harper has straight A's and is having the best year in middle school.  And Hollis had a wonderful report too.  I actually cried during the conference which I'm sure her teacher thought I had lost it but I was just so happy to hear how she has come out of her shell and doing so well.  

We had a big week last week.  My friend Jenny and Dave have a new show on HGTV!!! The show takes place here in Bentonville so it's so fun! They actually filmed it about a year and a half ago so we have patiently been waiting for it to come out! 

Tuesday night was the premiere and they had a fun party at our local theatre to celebrate and watch.  There were so many fun friends from around town there! Love LOVE these girls!!!! 

My sweet friend Crystal.  She's been doing my hair since Hollis was a baby.  I look forward to our 2 hours together every month! She also does Jenny's hair! 

Laurie went with me and we had the BEST time! 

The show was SO good.  They were funny and it was so great! It's on Tuesday nights 9/8 central.  You have to tune in! You will love the Marrs.  They are the sweetest family.  They have 5 kids and are mission minded and just so down to earth and nice! Scott and I took a parenting class at our church with them back when Harper was about 1 and their twins were infants and have been friends ever since.  

After the show - they had a food truck with a special dessert! 

It was just a really fun night! We all took home charcuterie boards that Dave made himself! 

The next morning - a few of us got to go and tour the house they redid.  This is actually one of my favorite homes downtown.  I had watched it being fixed up when I took my walks around Bentonville but never realized it was the Marrs doing it for the show.  It's so pretty! 

The office

The guest bedroom.  They finished this after the show.  

The kitchen was beautiful! 

Laurie and I had a great time again! 

Me and the stars of the show! 

After that, we headed to Louise to eat.  This is a new restaurant at the small Bentonville city airport.  It's so pretty and the food is so good! You can sit and watch the private planes take off and land! 

It's a new favorite! 

This was some of the group that got to visit the house last Wednesday.  The owner is in the pink sweater.  And I finally got to meet "The Nester" after 12 years of following her! I told her she was the OG home blogger! 

Saturday I helped with a wedding shower! I haven't helped with a wedding shower for probably 10 years but it was really fun! 

Saturday was rainy and cold but we enjoyed a day at home.  We took the kids out to eat for dinner.  

And then we went to see "Malificent".  

Sunday we had church, came home, and then we were back to church for choir and GA's.  I took these girls for coffee drinks before choir.  When did they get So old? 

We are excited for Halloween this week! And it's supposed to snow! 

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