Wednesday, July 10, 2019

This week

This week we are in Vacation Bible School.  Will Holden is thrilled to be there - can you tell? Actually he is loving it.  This is first year to officially be in VBS and he keeps saying "Bible School is SO FUN!" 

We have 1000 kids and adults - it's CRAZY but fun.  They are all put in small crews with about 6-8 kids.  Hollis is in a crew with several friends from church and one of her best friends from school.  They are so cute together.  I'm working grade school crafts and her crew comes in my room every day so I get to see them! 

Will Holden is in a crew with a bunch of little boys his age from church.  They are so cute.  This is them singing in church.  How precious is that????

Harper is in a crew with several of her best friends.  She is loving it! 

Hollis and her friend seem to make their crafts the same every day.  Love little girls!! 

My MIL got WH this shirt - thought it was perfect for Bible School.  

He's having a great week! We are all tired.  I'm not sure why VBS always tires me out but it's a good tired.  We have friend dates in the afternoons the next couple of days.  

And I have to share my very favorite outfit of the summer.  I found this jumper at Walmart for $18 and it's SOOOOOOOOOO comfortable but looks dressy.  I want to wear it every day.  It's out on the website but I'm hoping they put stock back or maybe you can find it in your store.  It comes in a few colors/patterns.  But size down - it runs big.  

I also got this cropped jumper and I love it too!! I got it in red but I think I'm going to order the black.   It also runs big and is $18! 

Oh and if you are thinking about doing Faster Way to Fat Loss  - there is a group starting this coming Monday.  I'm going to do a "day in the life" on my instastories today kind of showing how I do it and what I eat and answering questions - so you can check that out if you are curious! 

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