Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Summertime Fun

Scott's parents spent the weekend with us.  Friday was Scott's dad's birthday and Scott took the day off and we tried to have a little local fun.  
Scott's dad has mentioned a few times he would like to go to a water park so we took him to our favorite summertime place! 

About an hour away in Missouri - there is a huge water slide that's carved out in a hill and it's SO much fun!!! You just ride a mat and go down the slide and then walk back up the hill and do it over and over.  

I didn't ride it this day but I have and I love it.  It's the Roaring River water slide in Cassville, MO if you are local and it's a MUST! 

Bill LOVED it.  I think it was a great way to spend your 74th birthday! 

The girls love it.  Will Holden hated it.  He rode it down once and the hates getting his face wet so he quit after that.  Maybe next year.  

Between there and here is a gas station that is famous for enormous ice cream cones.  The girls got "pee wee" which is the SMALLEST they have.  It's two sizes smaller than a kiddie cone.  

Scott got the SMALL.  You can only imagine what a large looks like.  It's always SUPER busy - but stop at the Short Stop in Gateway if you are close! 

We came home and then that night we took Bill out to dinner for his birthday.  I didn't take any pictures of that.  

Saturday we headed to a local cave in Gravette.  

It's a Spanish Treasure Cave.  Supposedly some people from Spain discovered it and left a map where they buried $40 million worth of gold.  People are still searching for it.  

It's a really fun cave.  And I love it in the summer because it's so cool inside - it felt so good! They show movies in the cave in the summer.  

It was just our family on the tour.  Bill loved this too.  He asked a million questions.  The girls had both been on field trips here and we came once before but they still loved it.  

I love this picture of Harper.  She's always so expressive.  

Later that day we went bowling too! Hollis beat us all.  She's really good somehow.  

I grilled out dinner that night and we just chilled.  

Sunday we headed to church and then had lunch with the Ormons.  

The Stamps left Sunday morning before we went to church.  I had to spend my afternoon at VBS meetings and getting ready for VBS this week! 

We had a great weekend and now we are having the best week! I'm in complete denial how fast summer is flying by.  

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