Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Life Lately

Summer is rolling by! We are having a great week of nothing on the agenda.  The girls sleep late and I've been able to get things done and then we try to send our days doing something fun.  Here are a few things we have done lately.  

Last Sunday night before we left for camp - Harper went to a slumber party to celebrate Sarah Kate's birthday!! Hard to believe we have celebrated eleven birthdays with her!! 

The day after we got home from camp, Harper's guitar came in! She is THRILLED! We hope to start lessons soon! 

This weekend we saw Toy Story 4.  It was cute and we liked it! Not my favorite Toy Story movie but good.  We are excited about Toy Story Land at Disney this fall.  

Sunday we had church and then did work around the house.  It was stormy and raining.  

We ate lunch with the Ormons.  Will Holden loves his Uncle Steve.  

I spent Sunday cleaning out the girls room.  SO MUCH STUFF. ha! 

Monday was a beautiful day so we spent half of it swimming.  Tuesday we ran errands.  We stopped for hair cuts for Hollis and Will Holden.  Hollis has SO much hair.  She loves it long but it's thick so we trimmed some off.  

Hollis had birthday money from three months ago that we finally spent.  

Yesterday we walked the trails around Crystal Bridges.  It was so hot so we took a shortcut through the museum to go back.  

I don't take advantage enough of how amazing this museum is.  I'm going to take the kids back soon. If I can just keep WH from touching the art.  

They had a great time looking around.  We went and ate lunch at Flying Fish afterwards.  

The girls are headed to spend a week with their grandparents for a week.  They are so excited! And WH gets to be an only child.  He doesn't like being away from his sisters but I'm going to make it fun for him.  

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