Monday, June 24, 2019

Camp Siloam

Last week Harper and I went to church camp again! We had the best time last year but I think this year was even better! I grew up going to Camp Siloam from 3rd grade all the way up and worked there for four summers in college.  It's a special place to me and seeing Harper as a camper is even better.  Hollis can't WAIT to go next year.  

We left Monday afternoon.  We are very fancy - carrying our luggage in garbage sacks.  :-) 

This is my shirt! I love it!! I got it on amazon and it's so comfortable and flattering! 

We got all the bunks set up! 

Our cabin! We had 19 girls and 4 counselors in our bunk.  We had the 3rd and 4th grade girls.  They were all sweet girls.  No one cried.  No one fought.  No drama.  The only issue was just getting them to all take showers daily. ha! 

Harper told me so many times that she was so happy that I was at camp with her.  It meant so much to me.  I try to give her a lot of space at camp and not hang around her too much but I'm thankful she likes me being there.  Next year I will stay in Hollis' cabin and not hers.  

My friend Tracy was my co-counselor and I was so glad.  She's such a fun and easy person to be with.  We had SO much fun together.  Our bunks were next to each other and we stayed up until 1 a.m. talking one night.  

Harper went into camp without a really close friend and she really bonded with the other 4th grade girls.  I was so thankful to see friendships forming.  

Harper found me on Tuesday and said "I spent all the money you gave me BUT I bought you a bracelet that says Jesus and a diet coke".  ha! She knows how to win my heart.  

The camp is so spread out that I do so much walking when I'm there.  It's like a Disney day.   I got in 18k steps most days and for once my feet weren't killing me thanks to my trusty birkenstocks.  

Our cabin won cleanest cabin one night and the gingerbread man and friends brought us hot baked cookies and ice cream at 10:30 one night.  It was really fun! 

We had storybook character day on Wednesday.  Harper was a cat - could be from any story. ha! 

Us counselors out at night walking the camp! 

This is a dark fuzzy picture I took in the dark but Harper worshipping with her hands raised was the sweetest thing to me.  I watched her take notes during sermons and singing with her eyes closed - truly worshipping.  It was very special to me to see her growing in her faith.  

I have to admit by Thursday - we were fading.  It was SO hot.  And we were working on very little sleep.  But I absolutely love getting to go to camp! 

There is a creek that runs all the way through camp.  It's the kids favorite thing.  I don't think in all my years of going that I ever got in the creek.  In fact - I don't remember us being allowed to get in it. But now kids spend every single second of the day and night in that creek.  It's their favorite thing.  We were constantly having to say "NO MORE CREEK".  ha! 

I just loved the special one on one time I had with Harper.  We had the sweetest sitter that kept Hollis and Will Holden during the day and Scott was there at night.  I faceted and texted with Hollis a lot so I knew they were doing good.  

At one point - I was so hot, I braided my own hair.  Harper and I were twins for a little while! 

This is back in 1993 when I worked at camp.  The girl behind me in the green shirt, Dena, was at camp as a counselor too.  It was so fun to be back 26 years later.  It's changed so much but a lot is the same.  I kept wanting to get a picture with Dena and never did but it was a fun reunion.

I had a meeting Friday morning and the campers were coming home mid morning so Harper and I ended up coming home late Thursday night.  It was good to get back to our beds.

But we can't wait until next year! 

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