Thursday, May 23, 2019

You've Got Talent

We had U for University day on Monday.  We love showing our Razorback pride! We are excited for our baseball hogs! We aren't big baseball fans but last year's world series turned us into them and I guess if it's the one sport we are going to be good at these days -we are baseball fans! 

Yesterday was Will Holden's last day of preschool.  You can tell by the shorts how much he has grown this year.  He's had SUCH a great year of preschool.  He has LOVED it.  He begs to go on the days he is off.  He's so excited about next year in the four year old class.  He's been telling everyone he sees about it.  

Yesterday morning Harper sang in the school talent show for the last time.  She has sang the last three years.  She wasn't going to try out this year but she had a teacher ask her to and so she decided last minute to try out.  

She did so great.  She sang "Goodness of God" by Bethel which is really her testimony.  It's just a theme song for her life.   You will have to go look at my instagram to see her sing if you haven't! 

She has had the SWEETEST teacher.  We both just adore her! I will miss her a lot next year.  Harper always has a special relationship with her teachers because of the FM system she wears.  She gets to hear a lot of things other kids don't hear! It's like a little secret she has with them and it makes her love her teachers more.  

I matched her today.  She was totally fine with it.  ha! 

Two of her best friends! 

I didn't cry when Harper sang (even though a lot of teachers did) because we had practiced together so much already and I was trying to film her.  But what did make me cry is after - a dad I didn't know came up to me and said "You must be so proud.  Thank you so much for letting her sing that song here at school." 

What has made my heart so happy is the great group of friends Harper has made this year.  She has always had a friend or two but she has really became close with these girls this spring.  And they will all be at middle school together! 

They ran up and group hugged her and told her they were proud of her! What a sweet moment! 

And today is 4th grade graduation - pass the tissue!!!

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