Thursday, March 14, 2019

Makeup I'm loving right now

Right around Christmas, I was in need of new makeup and I decided to try some new things.  I thought I would share what I'm loving right now.  

First of all - I'm a woman in her 40's who needs concealer and a good one.  I had been using the IT bye bye eye and I liked it but it wasn't always great.  Everyone kept saying to try Tarte Shape Tape.  I was in ulta one day and decided to give it a try.  

I'm here to say it's a game changer! It really does cover well and stays on! I have fallen in love.  And I use a real cheap Elf setting powder to "bake" it on after.  (I use a beauty blender - sometimes damp and sometimes dry - to put on a heavy amount of powder over the concealer and I let it sit for bit and "bake".  It helps the concealer to stay in place.

I was in need of new concealer after Christmas and since I loved the Tarte concealer so much - I thought I would try out the foundation also.  And I'm loving it.  It's great coverage without being TOO heavy.  A little goes a long way with a beauty blender.  

I have been using Urban Decay eyeshadow for probably 7 years.  But since I'm on a tarte kick and I needed new eyeshadow too - I got the Tartelette palette.  And I'm LOVING it.  The colors are great and it really stays on.  I feel like a lot of eye shadows fade quickly but this seems to stay.  I saw Living With Landyn uses this too.  ha! And a few other beauty bloggers.  I'm sold. And it's cheaper than Urban Decay.  

I know this sounds like a complete Tarte sponsored post - but it's not!! They don't even know I exist. I have just gotten real into the whole line.  I have seen so many beauty bloggers talk about contouring and I felt like I would give it a shot.  I'm still learning on this - but this is a great palette.  

And my favorite lipstick right now is NOT tarte.  It's maybelline Matte Ink that you can get at any drug store.  I like seductress.  It's a good pretty nude/pink color.  This stuff lasts ALL DAY! I put it on first thing in the morning and never reapply.  I have always carried lipstick in my purse and constantly reapply and now I never even think about it.  It's magic! And not drying.  

And I haven't ordered this yet but I've heard about it from Jamie Golden and Melanie Shankle but this Nivea creme that is made in Germany and shipped from Germany has the same ingredients (or close to) as La Mer that costs the price of a car and it's TEN WHOLE DOLLARS for a huge tub.  I have never done any kind of skin regime (I KNOW I KNOW) but I think I might try this out.  

I will add that one of the things I get asked most about are my lash extensions.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  I've had them for about a year and a half.  They don't hurt my regular lashes.  I get them filled about once a month.  And most days when I don't wear makeup - I stick on a little lipstick and it looks like I'm wearing makeup.  I have teeny tiny slit eyes so I feel like they just make them look so much fuller.  They don't irritate my eyes in any way - and I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes! So that's my plug for that! 

So that's what I'm loving right now as far as makeup! 

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