Friday, December 14, 2018

Tis the Season

You know this time of year is just crazy! But I love every minute of it! This week hasn't been too busy but we have had a few things going on.  The next week will be crazy and then BAM - it's Christmas.  I always look forward to January.  Do y'all? I love the busy of December but I'm always glad for the slow, cold, dark days of January.  

Tuesday Laurie had all the women's ministry team over for lunch.  I'm the only one with a little kid so Will Holden came with me.  He wanted to play with Laurie's cats but I kept him away.  I hate to share but Laurie's cat Kristin is very sick.  Laurie has been really sad.  I've tried to be a supportive friend.  

Love these kids. We are having a great time with this Christmas.  This is probably our last year to have three believers in Elves and Santa so I'm soaking up how fun it is.  

I love my girls in these Christmas plaid dresses! Which by the way this is the third Christmas they have worn them. 

Will Holden didn't like that I was taking a picture of just the Sisters.  He wanted to be in it.  

Yesterday Will Holden and I had a million errands to run.  It was pouring rain and he doesn't understand the word "hurry".  But he was really sweet.  Scott and I are in charge of the Christmas Lord's Supper so I had to get our supplies today.  

We went and had lunch with the girls at school.  Harper was student of the week in her class this week.  Her teacher has them do all kinds of fun things when they are SOFW.  They invite you to come eat so we did it today.  Will Holden LOVED it.  He said he wanted to eat with Hollis every day when he gets to kindergarten.  I told him he will have to eat with his class but he was not having that.  

Last night we made our annual trip to see Santa.  I LOVE all of our Santa pictures.  

The Santa they have always had retired.  My kids knew for sure this was a "helper" and not a real Santa.  But he was nice and really talked to them and we were the only people there so it went really well!  And the picture is perfect! 

The last 4 years since I have had 3 kids.  This is our first year ever to not have a big red bow.  WAAAAAHHHH.  But my girls are just getting older and I love their beautiful hair when I can talk them into wearing it down.  

We have a weekend full of Christmas fun! I hope you have the best one! 

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