Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Life Lately

Before I can even talk about our life lately - I have to acknowledge that today is 9/11.  Going to the 9/11 memorial  in NYC back in March and the museum really brought that day back so fresh to me and I went through all the emotions over again.  We always say #neverforget and today I don't want to.  So though I know I'm fortunate to just carry on and still be able to have "normal" life - I'm thinking of the families whose lives were changed forever on that day.  

Life has gotten back to a faster pace than it was this summer.  

Last week, Harper started Girls on the Run.  It's such a great program.   Harper is LOVING it! She's going to run a 5K in November. I'm so proud of her! 

I started back to Bible Study at church on Tuesday.  We are doing Jennie Allen's "Nothing to Prove".  I think it's going to be really good.  Will Holden was excited to go with me.  

We even had free coffee from Joyhouse coffee - it was delicious.  If you are in Bentonville, and haven't checked out Joyhouse - you have to!! It's just down from the library.  

Will Holden had his first computer lab at preschool.  His teacher sent me this picture and I nearly died.  This just seems like such a BIG thing! :-) 

Hollis has had a wiggly front teeth for weeks and weeks.  A teacher at school pulled it for her last week.  I was so thankful because I hate wiggly teeth.  I think she's so adorable with her missing tooth.  Every time I look at her I smile.  This is one of my fav things when they have the toothless grin! 

Friday was Hog Wild Day at school! They all dressed in razorback gear and had a Hog Wild Food day.  Some of the cheerleaders and the mascot even came to school to help them call the hogs.  Such a fun day!!! 

I sent some cute cupcakes to Harper's class! 

After school, the kids and I hit First Friday on the square and walked around.  We had a great weekend and I somehow didn't take one picture.  I know I take a lot of pictures of my kids.  In fact, someone messaged me and said "Do you have to photograph everything you do?" and the thing is - even if social media didn't exist or blogs and it was 1985 - I would STILL take just as many pictures (of course then it would be film and I would have to pay to develop them).  I just love to capture every little bit of them.  I only get one chance.

Friday night Harper ended up spending the night with Sarah Kate.  Will Holden bawled his eyes out because "he wanted to spend the night with SK too. "  Bless him.  It was rainy on Saturday but we still had soccer practice.  Then we spent most of the rest of the day at home watching football.  Hollis spent the afternoon at her friend Joseph's house.  

These two LOVE to wear their fake glasses.  They wore them to church Sunday.  I thought they looked darling.  Sunday was a busy day.  We had church and then Sunday School.  Our class of young(ish) parents had a lunch with the Empty Nest class after church.  It was fun but chaos.  There were about 100 of us and I'm sure all of our kids running around made them crazy.  We had to clean up so we came home late and then had to leave like an hour later and be at church because the kids started choir and GA's.  I'm helping with preschool choir this year so that is fun because Will Holden is now in preschool choir.  Yikes! 

And now it's Tuesday and we are back in school.  The girls got their school pictures back and for the first time - I really liked them.  

Man - I love these ages they are at! 

Hope you are having a great week and don't forget that SINGLES DAY is THIS FRIDAY!!!! 

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