Sunday, September 09, 2018

BE Time

This post is sponsored by GoGo squeeZ

I wrote last month about our decision to cut back activities this school year and try to carve out more space to let our kids BE KIDS.  We want them to have time to just ride bikes and play outside and be creative and relax and not be so scheduled all the time.  

We also love that GoGo squeeZ , one of our favorite afternoon snacks,  is a brand who is a big supporter of the same idea.  They are promoting BE TIME.  And we are on board with that! 

We want them to LITERALLY just hang out as much as possible.  And be active outside without screen time.  

After a few weeks of school, I can tell you that we are doing the right thing.  We have two days of activities and then the rest of the days we come home and just play! It's been SO great to not be so rushed and the kids seem so happy! 

We jump on the trampoline, we ride bikes for hours, and we take family walks.  

The kids just get along better when they are playing together and are relaxed.  

I also love that not only GoGo squeeZ makes a great snack while they are running around outside and is easy to grab but it makes a great addition to their lunch boxes.  And when Will Holden won't eat a lot of vegetables - I love that they have varieties that sneak them in! 

Our BE time is working out well and making our house a lot happier this year.  I hope we can keep it going! 

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