Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Fun

We had a very full weekend  but it was so fun! 

Friday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for our friend Joseph.  They have a pool so it was a swimming party and then the snow cone truck showed up.  It was such a hot day and just a fun party! 

Hollis and Joseph have been friends since they were one - so six years! They have so much fun together.  Will Holden thinks Joseph is HIS friend.  

Friday night the girls and I were honored to walk in a fashion show to raise money for the NWA women's shelter.  We did it last year also.  It mortifies me to walk a run way so I love to do it with my girls because they were NOT shy.  I was so proud of them - they walked and posed and smiled and I just tried not to fall down.  We wore outfits from Old Navy.  I love Hollis' romper and Harper was so proud of her outfit that she picked out on her own.  

They had 50 models - all women from NWA.  It was a very diverse group - a lot of amazing women.  They had people that were there to do hair and makeup so the girls had their hair done.  Look at Hollis' amazing hair!!! It's always in a ponytail or a bow so she looked so old with it down. 

One of Harper's good friends from school was a model too so they had fun together! 

This was my group right before we walked.  It was fun to meet some women I didn't know and some I knew of but had never met! 

They had a really fun photo booth in an old van and we couldn't pass that up! The girls had so much fun and I enjoyed having a girls night with them.

We spent all of Saturday cleaning house and getting ready to be gone for two weeks.  

Saturday night, Scott and I went to see Travis Cottrel in concert.  It was SOOOO incredible.  I cried all of my make up off - it was just very moving.  

Travis is such a nice guy.  And so talented! And he's also funny if you have ever listened to him on Sophie and Melanie's podcast! 

Ya'll this song.  It's SOOOO good!!!!

I had several friends there! My friend Sam and her husband were there! I also was able to meet a new friend that just moved to town.  We have talked on IG many times because she knew she was moving here so it was good to meet in person.  Her husband had to cut us off because we could have talked forever I think.  

Today we had church and went to lunch.  

And then Harper went to celebrate Sarah Kate's 10th birthday.  They went bowling and then back to their house for pizza and cake! 

I love that these two are besties.  I hope they stay that way all through growing up.  

From the 10th birthday to Sarah Kate's first! 

We leave for camp this morning! You can pray for me not to die from a heat stroke and for no kids to get sick! :-) 

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