Friday, June 08, 2018


One of my main goals this year is to keep screen time to a minimum.  So every day the kids have to do a few chores and read before they can watch TV.  And we also try to spend a good chunk of the day outside doing something.  We have gone swimming several days or we play at parks or we go on long trail walks.  

My favorite thing is walking trails because we have so many and they are so pretty.  And the kids like the ones by Crystal Bridges because there is a lot to see. 

And a lot of art to pose with! 

They don't realize we have walked so much when they are having fun! I'm thankful for the great weather we have been having so we can be outside so much! 

On her last visit we realized Harper's hearing aids were getting close to the warranty and because of insurance we decided to go ahead and pursue a new pair of hearing aids.  She needs a new pair about every 3-4 years.  I told her she had to pick a color she REALLY liked because she would have them until she was a TEENAGER! 

So she chose this blue.  Which I love.  And she really loves.  She won't get them until a little after school starts but I'm just so thankful for hearing aids and technology and how it helps her so much! 

Harper and I leave for camp on Monday.  We will get back Friday morning and leave Friday night for the beach.  So I'm a little crazed trying to get everything ready.  We did find sunglasses in the Target dollar bin so that was one check off our list.  We have a busy weekend with a fashion show, two birthday parties, a concert and church plus packing and cleaning and just regular life! 

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

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