Thursday, May 24, 2018

Songs and Swimming

Harper decided she wanted to try out for the talent show at school again this year.  She's so much braver than me.  They had a ton of kids try out so I prepared her that she might not make it.  But she did and she sang at it on Tuesday morning.  She chose to sang "Tremble" by Mosaic.  This is her favorite  song right now.  She sings it all the time.  I was so proud of her for singing about Jesus in her public school.  And I don't take it for granted that her school allowed her to.  I was SO nervous but she did amazing!!! 

You can watch her sing on my instagram.  

Tuesday was packed full of fun.  Will Holden had his three year old check up that afternoon.  It was RIGHT before school got out so I ended up taking the girls out of school to go with us because there was no way I would get done in time to pick them up.  Thankfully they did great.  Taking 3 kids to the doctor makes me crazy but it was okay.  Will Holden is 75% for height and 90% for weight.  He's a big boy! And healthy! 

We left from there and went straight to swim lessons.  Will Holden isn't loving swim lessons but he cries a little less each time so that's a win! Hollis is swimming great! And Harper isn't taking lessons because she already swims like a fish.  

Wednesday was Will Holden's last day of "school".  He had SUCH a great year. We are excited it's summer though.  He's happy to be home with me and his sisters all summer.  The girls have a few more days of school and then we can really celebrate!  Will Holden starts actual preschool next year and I can hardly believe it! 

He was standing on the step in the first picture so he really has grown and not shrunk . ha ha ha

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