Monday, February 26, 2018

Under Construction

I spent my weekend in Arkadelphia speaking at a retreat.  My in-laws came to help on Thursday night so I left Friday morning and took my time going south.  I stopped a few times at some of my favorite stores and then got to town around 4:30.  I stayed in a cabin with two other speakers and we drove together to the church Friday night.  

We were greeted by one of my favorite people.  I was SO happy to see Julee.  For those of you who have read here for a while - you will probably recognize her! She lost her husband in a car wreck about 5.5 years ago.  She had a 10 month old baby at the time.  So many of you were so kind to send her mail in the year to follow.  She is doing great.  She's an amazing mom to Preslee who is now in kindergarten and just an amazing person! 

For those of you who know Amy Hannon (Euna Mae's) - this is her sister in law.  I got to meet her this weekend and I was so tickled by how much they look and act alike.  They are both so much fun! 

I also met Janet and Donna who were the NICEST women! I loved all the women I met this weekend.  So nice and down to earth.  

It has been flooding bad in Arkansas this week.  We stayed in a cabin on a lake and the steps to our cabin went right into the lake because it was so high.  

The theme for the weekend was "under construction" and they took it all the way in all of their decorations!!! 

It's a good thing I didn't have Will Holden with me because he would have been ransacking all the trucks they had everywhere.  

Me and Julee

Rachel Lovingood was our key speaker.  If you haven't heard her - she is amazing! I've been able to hear her speak several times and I just love her.  Her husband is on staff at a church in Cleaveland, TN.  Her daughter lives in NWA so she ended up riding back with me Saturday night so she could spend time with her.  I was so glad because we had a four hour trip after a long day and talking to her made it go by so quickly.  Her son also plays for the Tennessee Volunteers but I try to overlook that they beat us this year.  We both have new coaches to look forward to! 

I went to OBU with Tammy.  She was over the entire retreat and did a phenomenal job.  I'm so honored she asked me to be apart of it.  I led a breakout session.  We did SIX breakouts so I was wiped out by the end of the day but I loved it! 

This was such a fun and diverse group of women! 

We were up bright and early this morning to go to church.  I had nursery duty and the girls sang in the children's choir with the adult choir.  I caught them on livestream afterwards.  

Will Holden has pretty much given up naps but I could tell today he needed one.  He slept for a while in bed and for a while on me.  And I didn't hate it.  

I was thankful the Stamps could be here to help Scott with the kids and just to spend time with them.  

And apparently a website got ahold of one of my instagram posts because this has been going around facebook like crazy with Harper's face on it.  I love all of her expressions.  I've had a million people send this to me to make sure I saw it.  Don't tell Harper she's having a moment of fame. ha ha ha! She would have the same expression on her face again.  

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