Monday, February 19, 2018

A million dreams for the World we're gonna Make!

We had a good weekend.  Friday we were supposed to have dinner with friends but sickness (not ours but our friends) cancelled our plans.  So we had a night at home.   Harper ended up spending the night with Sarah Kate.  

They had the best time together.  

Scott and Hollis played WII together while Will Holden and I watched a movie in my bed.  

Saturday morning Hugh Jackman was in Bentonville at a Walmart meeting.  He was around three miles from my house.  I wanted to stalk him but I had other things like spending time with my family to do. ha!  I would have loved to met up and had a "Greatest Showman" medley singing with him. ha! 

Instead I took Harper to swim practice and worked out while she was there.  Then I came home, fed everyone lunch and got us all dressed so we could go to a movie.  

We love going to the movies but haven't been able to do much of it since Will Holden was born.  We tried once with him and it was a disaster but I'm always super positive. ha! So we crossed our fingers and tried and it was a winter miracle - he sat still for 90% of the movie.  So maybe things are on the upswing!  We ended up going to dinner at 4 because we were out and why not? Which helped us have an early night and I was asleep by 9 which is SUPER rare for me - I'm usually a midnight girl.  

Sunday we went to church and then came home for lunch.   I took Harper to a birthday for one of her sweet friends.  I had to pick her up and get her to church because the girls have choir practice and they are singing a duet and have to be at practice early.  

We are ready for another fun week.  We were supposed to be out of school today but we are making up a snow day.  I'm not too sad about that because I have a laundry list of things to get done.  Like literally laundry. ha! 

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