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Singles Day Couples - AN UPDATE!

If you are new here - about 7 years ago, I had the crazy idea to have a matchmaking post on my blog. I had people link up any single people they knew (or themselves) and then readers could read and try to find someone they might be interested in.  Sounds completely crazy ........ but TWELVE couples met and married through this.

I KNOW.  I can't even.  So amazing.  I have a private facebook group set up that you are open to join.  There are over 1000 singles in that group.  Look for Kelly’s Korner Singles.  But I'm going to try a blog link up one more time per lots and lots of requests.  Anyone interested???? More on that later but for now.....let's see where our 12 couples are these days!  (and if you met here and I don't know it - please let me know so we can hear your story!!!) 
(married April 2011) 
Since our last update Christopher got out of the army and we moved back north. He was just transferred for work so we're moving to Georgia this month. I'll always be a New England girl but I know I'll find more smocked dresses and big bows for Annabelle in Georgia than I'd ever found in Massachusetts. I stay home with Annabelle (3 1/2) and spend my days going to story time, handing out snacks and answering a million of her questions. In the past few years I've become good friends with Toi who also met her husband here. When I started reading this blog I had no idea I'd meet my husband or make so many sweet friends (shoutout to Michelle and Laura)! I blog at

(married February 2012) 

We will celebrate 6 years of marriage in February and are so grateful for the life God has given us together. Our greatest gifts are these three babies and our fourth on the way! We will welcome Crosby in June and we cannot wait for him to join the party. Hudson, Millie Grace, and Annie Sutton keep us laughing and we are so grateful to be their parents. Life is busy, but so full of joy.

(Married July 2012) 

Since we got married in 2012, we have been living in Cash's hometown of Midland, Texas. Cash continues to work as a petroleum geologist, and I am now a stay-at-home-mom. Our son Henry was born in 2015. A short 8 months later we found out we were expecting again! 
Sadly, during the second trimester, we were told by our fetal specialist that our daughter would not survive the pregnancy. She had a lower urinary tract obstruction, a condition that is seen in females in a mere 1% of all LUTO cases. A week before her delivery, which was set for my 19th week of pregnancy, God intervened in the most miraculous way. The doctors never understood how the changes occurred, but to their surprise she was able to stay healthy through 38 weeks of pregnancy! 
On February 2, 2017, we had AnnLouise "Scout". Holding her felt like holding Heaven. She was diagnosed at 1 day old with Prune Belly Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that is marked by an absence of abdominal muscles. Scout is now 10 months old and continues to be a miracle every day. She and her brother love to play together, and they keep us entertained daily.
Life these days looks a lot different than it did 7 years ago when we met on the blog, and we are thankful every day for the wild way in which God brought us together. I write about our life out here in West Texas and Scout's health journey at Life in the Tumbleweeds: if you want to keep up with us there and follow us through the world of Prune Belly Syndrome.
(Married October 2012) 
We are quickly coming up on seven years since my sister in law wrote the blog post that started it all!  I can't believe it's been seven years!  Bryce and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary back in October.  Alyson, our daughter turned 4 in August.  Our restaurant also turned 4 last year. It has been a crazy 5 years but, our little family is very happy and content with our life.  

It just blows me away that all of this started with me reading a blog post!  I had spent so long dreaming and praying for a husband and a family.  When I replied to that post never in my wildest dreams did I ever think life would be as sweet as it is now.  I also never dreamed that I would meet some of my greatest friends through that post.  Thanks to Show Us Your Singles I have made friends with some of the other wives!  Sarah and I have become great friends and weigh in almost daily on topic like the upcoming royal wedding, what Princess Kate is wearing,  parenting advice and recipes.  All the important things in life!  

(Married April 2013)
Chad & I's 5 yr anniversary is coming up at the end of April. We met 6 years ago this week on Kelly's Korner show us your singles over 40. We still live west of Houston, TX and love our community.  We had a little boy (JC) in September of 2014 and we just had another little boy (Cooper) to complete our little family in January 2017. They are two completely different little boys and we love their little busy selves to pieces! I am still doing photography as a part time business while taking care of the boys as a full time job everyday. Chad works long hours as a railroad engineer to provide for our family and we couldn't be prouder of him for what he does for us. We were very blessed to have survived Hurricane Harvey without any flooding in our home, although many home not far from us did have major damage. The boys got to see their first snow in December and are pretty sure they like summer time better than winter. We are looking forward to celebrating Cooper's 1st birthday in a couple weeks and seeing what else 2018 has in store for us! 
(Married May 2013) 
This May Chandler and I will be married 5 years. We have a little girl, Peyton, who is 2.5 and a baby girl, Charlotte, who is 9 months. We’re busy in the season of raising little ones, running a landscape business and slowly renovating our house. We’ve been very blessed and are excited to see what the future holds!
(Married June 2013) 
Feb. 11 marks six years since Jesse and I went on a blind date set up thanks to your blog. It's been a whirlwind ever since. We'll celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary in June. We have a 3-year-old little girl and are expecting a second girl in mid-February. We've been in our dream home that Jesse built on 11 acres nearly 18 months. We live just down the road from our small church and enjoy life in a college town in Missouri. I work at the university as a journalism professor, and Jesse is a civil engineer with a local firm. We're looking forward to a big year ahead with our growing family! 

(Married October 2015)

Jeremy and I have been married for two years and are currently anxiously/ excitedly anticipating the arrival of our first child! Bayley will hopefully make her appearance by the end of the month. We are continuously amazed by the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives. We currently live in Mississippi and love it! I’m a homemaker and blog at

(Married November 2015)
Cade and Jenna have been married 2 years and are expecting their first baby in July!!!
(Married in 2015)
They met indirectly through my blog.  They went to church together but before he asked her out he googled her and found her featured on singles day here.  After reading about her, he asked her out! She gained a husband and three precious boys!!!
Married October 2016
I have a picture of this couple but I can't find any of the info to go with it.  So this is you or you know them - I would love an update!

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