Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Fluff

We jumped back into real life this week! 

Monday the kids started back to school.  I think we were ALL happy.  Will Holden ran right into his school and the girls were glad to get back! And momma was glad for a few hours alone to try to put our house back together! 

Tuesday our Bible study started back up.  I'm leading this study and it's SO good.  I love Annie Downs and this study has so much depth.  If you are looking for something to do - you don't need a group or videos - you will learn so much! 

Our activities picked back up this week too.  Harper is back swimming with swim team.  She had piano and the girls both had gymnastics.  

If you haven't seen the video I posted of Will Holden shopping and the "special things" he wanted to buy - you need to check my instagram.  I'm still laughing.  

On Wednesday I spent the day with my friend Susan and my gas light came on as I was taking her home but I figured I had plenty of gas to pick up the kids.  I went through both car lines and the kids were wanting to go to Sonic so I got in a stall and my car DIED.  oops.  I have never run out of gas before.  Thankfully it was 60 degrees this day (it's now 28 and snowing).  And Sonic is just right down from a gas station.  So the kids and I walked and got gas and brought it back.  I tried to make it an adventure and also had the kids pray so that they could see how God took care of us (even despite of their absent minded mom).  

Thursdays are what I call "momma and Holden" day.  (He calls himself Holden and so do I half the time).  He was so sweet and good today.  We got his hair cut and he was just perfect.  (It hasn't always been that way).  Some days he can be so hard.  We are in the throes of two year old tantrums and testing things out.  But some days he is so sweet I can't kiss his little face enough.  Those days make the hard days worth it.  

You know it's a good day when you just pass out in the car line.  :-) 

I love to Netflix binge.  I usually watch something at night when I work on stuff.  I LOVED "When Calls the Heart" - it's a Hallmark show.  I still have the last season to watch.  And now I'm in the middle of another Hallmark show - "Cedar Cove" and I love it.  I've been warned that it got cancelled abruptly and doesn't have an ending.  So I'm keeping that in mind but watching it anyway.  

We have a big weekend planned celebrating Harper's birthday! I can't wait! 

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