Sunday, December 03, 2017

Trolls Holiday

This post is sponsored by Walmart.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My girls recently told me that Winter was their favorite season.  I thought for sure they would pick summer when we can swim and have no school but they said they LOVED to be at home and sit under blankets and snuggle and have family movie nights.  We LOVE to have a good family movie night.  Even Will Holden will sit still and cuddle if it's something he likes.  (Right now he dictates most of what we watch. ha!)

He has been OBSESSED with "Trolls" since this summer.  We have watched it over and over.
I don't mind because I love the music.  It makes me happy.  

My girls also love everything that the Christmas season brings.  They love drinking hot chocolate and ice skating and visiting Santa and decorating for Christmas and getting a tree and all the things.  We LOVE to watch Christmas movies.  Will Holden is once again fixated on a movie right now and it's "The Grinch" so we have been watching that a lot lately.  

So we are SUPER excited that there is a new "Trolls HOLIDAY" movie releasing on 11/28.  The DVD is exclusively sold at Walmart.  We will buying a copy the day it comes out to watch over and over.  It has all our favorite characters like Princess Poppy and Branch but it has new fun holiday music.  I have a feeling we'll be watching this for many years to come!

If you have kids who love a good Family movie night and who especially love a holiday movie - this is perfect for you! Get you copy now at Walmart!!! You can also find it on if you want to order!

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