Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Shop Small Wednesday

I missed out on Shop Small Saturday but I wanted to share some of my favorite "small shops" ran mostly by friends who have great things that you might be interested in as you shop for family, friends, teachers, etc.......

MILK and HONEY tees

I love all of her t-shirts and hoodies.  They are so soft and I wear them all the time!!!!  And this is just a kind and generous small shop owner.  I'm a huge fan! 


Another great t-shirt company.  This is owned by a college friend of mine and she has all kinds of cute tshirts - some faith based and some with just fun sayings.  They are soft and hold up so well.  I have a lot of these and I wear them constantly.  I'm partial to this new one I'm wearing in this shirt.  It's long sleeved and perfect for fall/winter/spring.  


This shop has the most amazing scripture calendars.  They are beautifully done.  She also has all kinds of prints that are just gorgeous.  These would make wonderful gifts for friends or teachers! 

and who doesn't love jewelry????? That's always my favorite gift to give the women in my life.  Here are two of my favorite places to buy earrings.


This darling shop owner has a great collection of all kinds of earrings. Super modern and stylish - these would make amazing gifts for so many in your life.  


This is a talented friend of mine who makes the cutest fringe earrings.  Check her out - she can make any color and style you can dream of! 

Happy shopping!!!! 

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