Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend! Any weekend that has an extra day is a good one! 

Saturday we just enjoyed a day at home.  Scott power washed and repainted our playground which was a huge job.  Sunday we went to church.   

Scott and I are team teaching Will Holden's Sunday School class this year.  It's fun to be with him and his friends.  Or him and his girls I should say since he's the only boy.  We ate lunch with Laurie and Steve after church and we all decided to take a trip to Silver Dollar city the next day.  

I have been planning to order one of these crossbody backpacks by Kavu for Disney world.  It's like a much cooler fanny pack.  All the teens in our church have one but I feel like it's more of a mom bag.  I took Will Holden with me Sunday afternoon and went on a hunt for one.  Dillards had them.  I wanted to try it out at SDC before we went on vacation.  And it was perfect! It has a lot of pockets but was still small to wear and not bulky.  

We got to SDC right when it opened and stayed almost all day.  We had the BEST time! 

I had been dreading it because when we went in April - it was AWFUL! Will Holden was too small to ride anything and I spent the whole time chasing him while everyone else got to ride things.  But he grew several inches and he LOVED all the rides this time! He was SO excited to ride a "choo choo train" and he got to ride with his favorite person Steve.  He even rode the Lost River and got soaked and didn't even flinch! 

The girls had the best time.  Harper is a dare devil and loves all rides.  She and the men rode most of the roller coasters.  

This was before we all got soaking wet.  

Will Holden got to run around like crazy in the ball room which made him happy.  

I caught this with my phone! Pure joy! 

It was super hot and super crowded but it was a great day! 

It was perfect practice for Disney in 5 weeks! 

Today I started a new Bible Study at church.  I'm excited to be doing this one! 

Will Holden was excited to get to play at church! 

And I showed up and was twinning with my friend Lenette in our matching walmart shirts! 

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