Friday, September 01, 2017

Friday Fun

Tuesday we had a free day after school so I let the girls invite their best friends over.  They came and played and ate dinner with us.  So many wise friends have told me the best thing they did with their teens was to have an open house where friends were always open and they stayed up late cooking and talking with the kids.  I love that and we are trying to start early.  I love getting to know my kids' friends too.  And Will Holden loves being in a house full of older women. ha! (Or he will one day!) 

Harper lost most of her baby teeth when she was 4 or 5.  She also got her baby teeth at about 4 months.  So we have been waiting forever for Hollis to lose her first teeth.  

And it finally happened this week!!! Harper pulled it out for her when they were getting ready for bed.

And then last night she pulled out another tooth.  I don't think this was one even loose.  Or at least barely loose.  She yanked it out herself and then was hysterical.  It's been a dramatic week at our house. 

Picture day was this week.  I'm pretty sure Harper put on shoes before she went to school.  

Wednesday I had an appointment in Siloam Springs where Scott works.  So I picked him up and took him to lunch.  I wanted to try out a new little place in town - Chickadee's.  It's fresh and healthy and it was so good! 

Last night was the first Razorback game of the season.  I didn't watch basically any of it because it was a school night and we had baths and homework and things that had to be done.  But we wore our red to cheer on our Hogs! 

Yesterday I got a fun lunch with two of my best friends! It was so good to just be able to sit and visit with no kids around for a while.  Good friends are a treasure.


I told you about the conference we were having last week on talking to your kids about sex and handling technology.  It was so good and had a lot of valuable information.  You can now download and view yourself! 

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