Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Getting A Little Culture

Friday night I took my girls on a Girls Night Out.  

I wanted us to have a special night before school started.  

I let them pick where we would eat.  They love Flying Fish downtown.  And so do I! They have great fried fish but they also have the best grilled salmon and red beans and rice.  Their fish tacos are my favorite also! 

Then I took them to Crystal Bridges.  Sometimes I can't get over that we live just minutes from such an amazing place.  I haven't taken the girls in a long time.  

They absolutely loved it!!! We had the best time! 

They thought it was fun to look at all the art.  

They got to pose with Rosie! 

One of the exhibits is literally a pile of green candy.  You can eat a piece and they constantly refurbish it.  I don't claim to understand art.  But they liked eating it. ha! 

My favorite thing right now is Chihuly in the Forest.  Scott and I went on a date recently.  I took the girls a little later in the day this time so it would be nearly dark.  They thought it was SOOOOO fun.  

You have to do a lot of walking.  And it was SUPER humid that night.  They were begging for a drink and luckily there is a food truck and tables area at the halfway point.  On Saturday nights they have live music.  We got popsicles and drinks and sat for a while.  Hollis said she felt revived and we kept moving! 

The exhibits were beautiful in the dark!!! 

It felt very much like an enchanted forest! 

The exhibit is up through mid November.  If you haven't been and live close enough - you have to come! We could have spent hours at the museum.  The girls said it was one of their favorite nights.  I love that I get to have the opportunity to expose them to art like this! 

This was my insta story from the night.  If you feel like watching a video! :-)

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