Thursday, August 17, 2017

Belle and some goats

Well I've somehow come down with the summer cold/flu.  I have felt awful the last two days so I have gone to bed at 8 Tuesday night and 7 last night.  Thank goodness for Scott who took over for me.  I usually stay up until midnight and that's when I get things done so I'm super behind on life right now.   And I have a few posts I wanted to do so I'm catching up now.  This is from our weekend.  

Hollis went to a party and got to see Belle.  She was thrilled.  Disney world is going to be so fun.  

Hollis and one of her best friends Kampbell.  Two pretty princesses! 

The county fair was going on.  We have never gone to the Benton County fair in my 20 years of living here because it's always in mid August when it's 210 degrees and that does not sound fun.  But it rained and was cool last week and we had nothing going on Saturday so we decided to take the kids.  I didn't know they didn't actually have much going on during the day.  My kids were so sad the rides weren't open.  And Saturday was the last day.  So we are going to have to endure the heat next year and go.  

They did have all the animals open so that was fun.  Pigs and cows and goats are always entertaining to my kids.  

They were having a horse show which we stayed at for approximately 7 min before Will Holden started running all over like crazy and we decided we didn't want to disturb the horses. ha! 

They did have a little petting zoo and they got to pet this sweet little goat. 

Saturday night Scott and I went on a date.  We needed some time alone.  Scott picked the restaurant - which meant big steak.  We went to Doe's.  I posted this on instagram and everyone was impressed with Scott's two orders of potatoes.  Which by the way - he would probably like but we shared this (and had leftovers for Sunday).  The boiled potatoes were mine.  :-) 

We NEVER go to an adult movie anymore.  It's one of my favorite things but we just rarely ever get to go.  We are too busy seeing things like "Despicable me 3".  I honestly never even know any movies that are out.  People talk about them and I just go "hmmmmm".  I can't even watch the Oscars.  We saw "Dunkirk" because it was the only movie I had heard people say was good and we really like war movies.  Well it was an amazing movie but also horrible at the same time.  Horrible as in war is horrible and I have to wonder if I would ever have been as brave as all the men and woman who have fought for us.  It's very sobering to think about.  

Sunday morning was promotion Sunday.  My kid all moved up to new Sunday School classes.  We promoted with Will Holden and will be teaching his class every other month.  All the first graders who moved up to children's ministry are presented Bibles each year.  Hollis was SO proud of this! 

I pray she always treasures and loves God's word.  

And then we spent Sunday getting ready for school to start.  Because Monday we started a new year! More about that later! 

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