Friday, May 12, 2017

To all the moms

This weekend is Mother's Day.

And I know it's a happy/sad day.

All of you moms out there - it is such a gift to be a mom.  It is also the hardest job that N E V E R ends.  I know many of you are SPENT.  You give everything you have every single day.  Whether you have a newborn who isn't sleeping, or young kids who are just exhausting and you never sit down all day (I feel you!) or you have a middle school girl who suddenly doesn't like you or teenagers who are making bad choices or adult children who have not turned out like you had hoped - motherhood is HARD! Even when everything is going great.  It's just 24/7.  You are doing a great job.  I hope you are celebrated today!

Some of you are mothers of special needs children.  And I want you to know - that I pray for you daily.  Motherhood is exhausting in and of itself but when you add extra circumstances - I know you feel tired and anxious for the future.  Or sad for things that might not be.  I hope you know you aren't alone.

Mothers of children who have serious illnesses - I'm praying for strength for you today.

And then there are those who have lost their mothers.  I know you miss her dearly and this day is a sad reminder of what you no longer have.  I hope your memories of her are extra sweet this weekend.

Or maybe you didn't have the best mom growing up.  Maybe you were abused or neglected.  And mother's day reminds you of what you missed out on.  The best thing you can do as a mother is just to be better.  And I'm sure you are.

Or you are a foster mom.  And your heart is extra heavy for that child in your home that won't stay there.  Or you are an adoptive mom and there are bonding issues.  Our prayers are with you today.

Maybe you have lost a child.  I can't imagine any greater pain.  Today I am praying that God gives you extraordinary comfort as you miss your child deeply.

Or you aren't a mother.  But you desperately want to be one.  Whether you haven't met your husband yet and time is ticking or infertility is a giant you are facing - you aren't alone in that either.  We are praying for you.  Mother's day is extremely painful when it's the one thing you want so much and don't have.  Praying you find peace this weekend.

Praying you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend no matter your circumstances.

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