Monday, May 08, 2017

Film Festival Fun

So I live in this little town in Arkansas but it's also home to the biggest retailer in the world.  So that has brought in a lot of things.  One is a world class museum and amazing restaurants and stores.  And it also has brought in a Film Festival begun by Geena Davis. It's mostly in celebration of women in film.  It started a couple of years ago and a lot of celebrities come in for it but what I love the most is they have a big vendor fair all over our downtown for families.  

We have missed it the last two years because the first year I had just had Will Holden and couldn't even drive yet and last year the girls were out on a school break and went to their grandparents.  So this year we had to go check it out.  

Friday afternoon we went right after school and stayed a few hours.  The girls had SO much fun and Will Holden was just along for the ride.  There were tents everywhere with vendors handing out free stuff.  Will Holden got a bag of popcorn that kept him pretty happy for a while.  

There was a huge beauty tent with all kinds of beauty vendors.  You could get your hair and make-up done (but that wasn't happening with a toddler boy along) but you also got products.  We scored nail polish and mascara and lots of samples! 

There was also a kids area with Nickelodeon and others.  

Some of us had so much fun that they begged to go back Saturday morning.  

Saturday morning, there is always a big farmer's market on our square.  This was happening but there was also the vendor fair going on.  Scott went with us this time and we had so much fun.  

Who needs Disney World when you can see Snow White and Ariel up on the square? 

A rare picture of Will Holden sitting.  

Coke was a big sponsor of the event and you could get personalized coke cans.  They couldn't do a double name so Will Holden got two.  ha! 

Hollis' very favorite swag was the free hand sanitizer.  This girl LOVES herself some hand sanitizer.  

The highlight for the girls was meeting the DC super hero girls.  My girls have most of the dolls and they love playing with them.  They each brought their favorite with them Saturday because they knew they might get to see the real girls! 

It was so sweet how excited they were.  There wasn't a line when we got there and those girls all spoke to my girls and were so kind! I actually got teary.  I think because I know these days of my girls loving dolls and characters are so fleeting.  It's such a sweet age.  

Saturday was a beautiful day and we just enjoyed being outside.  The rest of our day was spent playing outside and just being together.  

Sunday we had church with these three and then more of outside play.  So thankful for warm weather and a fun town to raise my family in! 

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