Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Some books you might like

One of the things I have loved about blogging over the last 11 years is I have managed to meet so many amazing people.  And so many of those amazing people have written a book or several books.  And I'm always so excited to see their hard work come out and to cheer them on! Especially because they are all genuinely so talented!

I have so many friends who have books just out or coming out and I have to share some of those with you! If you have kids or grand kids or work with kids or know kids...........there are especially a lot of great options here!

Two of the BEST speakers I have ever heard on parenting are Sissy Goff and David Thomas.  I have heard them several times and have learned so much from them.  They each have several parenting books out.  They are child therapists in Nashville.  This book just released and it's a MUST! 

So Shay is one of my favorite bloggers (and friends) and I have loved all the cookbooks she has written but this is such a fun one.  Kids in the Kitchen.  She is the mom of four and loves to cook with them.  If you have budding chefs - this is a good one for you!!! 

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner is such a sweet book that reminds kids that God made them perfect and special.  If you have a kid to buy a present for - this is perfect! Harper's class is having a march madness bracket of each kid's favorite book and Harper took this as her book.  I'm hoping it wins! 

Kristin Gray and I missed being at OBU together by one year but I'm so excited for this fellow Ouachita friend and her new children's book "Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge".  The main character is named after two towns in Arkansas.  Your little readers will love this!!! It would make a great addition to an Easter basket or a growing library.  

And for the adults I have a couple that you may really want to check out! 

I just finished the Bible Study "Keep it Shut" by Karen Ehman and it was VERY convicting and timely for me.  And not just me - every one in there with me commented on how much it affected them.  And Karen just came out with a 40 day challenge book on the same subject.  I'm thinking we could all use this challenge.  

I'm the biggest fan of Jennie Allen.  I don't honestly think we should hold people up or be "fans" because no one really can have that place but Jesus.  But I do love Jennie and her heart for sharing the Gospel.  I think this book is going to resonate with a lot of you.  God really directed the writing of "Nothing to Prove".  

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