Monday, March 06, 2017

March Madness

It's March! Can you even believe it? 

Will Holden did some modeling recently for our favorite children's store downtown.  I can't even stand how cute he is in this little blue seersucker outfit.  

Our school does a 2nd grade and a 4th grade musical.  Harper's grade did theirs this past week.  Her class were teachers.  She had a line in the musical and I was so proud of her! 

She insisted on a bun and lipstick.  Any excuse to get to wear lipstick! Little sister was so proud of her big sister! 

I went to the eye doctor Friday and finally ordered a new pair of glasses.  The last pair I got was over eight years ago and they are in bad shape.  After I had the eye infection recently and was forced to wear glasses for over a week - I knew it was time to bite the bullet.  

We have spent most afternoons at the park.  We have enjoyed our unseasonably warm winter and the kids need to burn energy.  I'm glad our town has so many parks to choose from! 

(Side note - Hollis has decided she only wants to wear tennis shoes.  I ordered these gold new balances for the girls and I'm sort of obsessed with them.) 

Saturday we took the girls to their first Razorback basketball game.  We figured if they loved the football game and made it through the whole thing - they could do basketball.  

I LOVE college basketball.  I spent most of my 20's going to every game.  Sometimes I even went to games by myself because I just loved being in the arena so much.  I'm hoping my girls get my love for Razorback sports. 

Will Holden had a sweet babysitter.  I can't wait to take him one day but I knew there was NOOOO way that busy boy would ever sit still.  It was a good game and we won by a margin! 

Today after church we went to Fish City Grill.  Two of my college friends own it and it is SO good.  They have the BEST gumbo.  Will Holden discovered his love for it today.  Brett the owner brought by some live crawfish to our table to entertain the kids while we waited.  Will Holden was not a fan but the girls LOVED it.  

This morning the kid's choir sang with the adults.  Harper's teacher sings in the choir and she posted this picture of her and three of her students/former students who all sang together.  It's such a blessing to me to see Harper and her teacher worshipping together!

And that's most of what we have been up to.  I will leave you with the cutest boy I know! :-) 

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