Thursday, March 23, 2017

Random Thoughts

I feel like I have a bunch of random thoughts running through my head and I'm going to just spit them out.  It's spring break and I've been with REALLY LOUD children non stop so that may have something to do with it.  (Good heavens - my parents had the girls for a few days and we just had Will Holden and I didn't realize how quiet it is with just one kid until they brought them home and suddenly it was SO LOUD in our house again.  We just look at each other and laugh.)


Do any of you do this? I was thinking today that I have a really bad habit of constantly giving my kids a running schedule.  Like I will say to them "Okay girls we are going to finish our breakfast and then we are going to get dressed and then we are going to go to the store and then we are going to go home and unload the food and then we are going to go to the park............"  Why do I do this? I feel like I need to prepare them for what is ahead in our day.  But I really don't think they care.  Do you do this????

Or am I just a weirdo?


Who watches this??????

I just found it on netflix.  I'm on season two and currently DVR'ing season 4.  I'm OBSESSED!!!! It's so good.  You know I love Little House on the Prairie and it's almost like a better version.  So wholesome and good and interesting! Don't tell me anything that happens but please tell me you are watching this!!!!


I need a really good under eye concealer.  A REALLY good one.  Who has one they love????? Help a tired momma out.


I'm so enjoying our spring break.  The kids all sleep late even Will Holden. I feel like being home with the girls makes him tired.  He has taken awesome naps this week (and he's been only sleeping one hour before this week).  We have been staying up late and it's nice to have relaxed days.  It DOES NOT make me want to homeschool but it does make me look forward to summer.

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