Sunday, February 05, 2017

Fever and Pies

Well,  it's winter.  And tis the season.  We have had a week of sickness.  Not horrible sickness (thank goodness) but just miss school and stay home and cancel plans kind of sick.  Harper was home from school on Wednesday, Hollis was home Thursday and Will Holden was home on Friday.  

Will Holden had croup on Thursday and Friday.  We got a steroid and it helped him quickly but he woke up Sunday morning with fever so it looks like we are home again today.  

When you have a toddler, you have to get creative in how you do things.  Scott needed some new work/church clothes but he doesn't like to shop alone.  There was no way we were taking Will Holden so we decided it would work best for Scott to keep Will on Saturday and I would take the girls shopping for him.  He needed some specific things so we ended up going to about five stores and Scott and I had to text back and forth about a million times and do a few face times.  

This is how all three of us girls felt by the time we were done.  ha! Luckily - Scott doesn't feel a need for new clothes often.  The last time we got a sitter and just made a date of it.  

Scott took the girls to church Sunday morning.  I stayed home with Will Holden.  Brody Croyle (former Alabama QB and NFL QB) was our guest speaker at church today.  He runs a ranch in AL for kids who have been abused or abandoned.  Thankfully I was able to watch online.  

Harper and her friend Neely had a cooking lesson at my friend Marci's Sunday afternoon.  These girls both love to cook and Marci loves to teach! 

I took Joseph and Hollis to a park to play during the lesson.  We had a beautiful almost 70 degree weather February day! 

The girls made pies and they were so proud of them! 

And we got to have pie during the super bowl! We had a party to go to but we decided to just stay home and try to recover.  

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