Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Infections and Celebrations

Well last Monday I got the worst eye infection I have ever had.  I had an ulcer on my eye and I'm not kidding when I say I would rather have a c-section that that eye infection again.  It was SO painful.  Thankfully I have a friend who is an eye doctor (he's actually Harper's Sunday School teacher) and he worked me in on Tuesday when I could barely function.  I could barely see much less drive but the little driving I did I had to wear my sunglasses over my glasses because light was my enemy.  Thankfully I got some miracle drops and I was basically fine by Saturday.  

Friday Harper got student of the week for her class in the school assembly so I got to surprise and be there to congratulate her! Then I went to Fayetteville for the day with Laurie and my friend Sharon. Once a year we try to meet up with Sharon and shop and have lunch.  It was cold and rainy and I had to wear my thick, crooked 9 year old glasses but we had a great time.  I didn't take one picture! 

Harper decided this year that she didn't want a party - she just wanted to spend time with her family and have a fun day with her best friend.  We are basically having a week long celebration.  She wanted to go swimming Saturday.  It was 36 outside but we have a great indoor water park so we went and had the best time.  And I did not have to get in a swim suit which was the best part! It's a shallow pool.  

Will Holden loved it.  Scott wore a swim suit so he could chase him around thank goodness.  

Harper was introduced to the wonder that is a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and she LOVED it.  I don't really like ice cream or birthday cake so I'm glad it wasn't a temptation. ha! 

Sunday we went to church and then sadly watched the Cowboys lose.  Scott is a big life long fan so we had hopes that this might be our year but it was not to be.  Being a Cowboys or a Razorback fan and especially both leads to a lot of disappointment. ha! 

Monday was Harper's birthday.  We were out of school for MLK day (which Harper has said over and over that it was "SO COOL" that she and MLK shared a day.  She has loved learning about him and learning especially about why racism is STUPID.  It's on the inside that counts is what she would tell you!) 

We had to take Will Holden to an appointment in the morning  (I'm so glad I forgot when I scheduled it that everyone was out of school.  Not.) Laurie brought Sarah Kate over and we had a baby sitter come stay with Will Holden so I could take the girls out for a fun day! 

First stop was lunch at Chuy's.  This was Harper's pick.  And a good one I might add.  

Harper wanted two things for her birthday - a fit bit and to get her ears pierced.  Scott ordered her a Garmin Jr and it's been so great.  He put a lot of tasks on it where she can earn points.  It's very motivating.  She has also been trying to get a ton of steps in each day.  

We went to Claire's so she could get her ears pierced.  I had originally settled on 10 as a good age but Sarah Kate had hers done this past summer and Harper said most of the girls in her class had their ears pierced.  And I just think maturity wise she was ready.  I love this picture of the girls holding hands.  SO sweet. 

They did them both at once so it was easy and quick and Harper didn't even flinch.  

Sarah Kate was proud of her! 

She picked little pearls and I think she looks so pretty.  And grown up.  WAAAAHHH.  I'm really not too sad.  I miss my baby Harper but I just think each age brings a new level of greatness.  Eight is a wonderful place.  They are still sweet and loving and haven't hit the pre-teen stage yet but they are independent and mature and just easy to be with.  

(Her sweatshirt is from Crazy 8.  I've had a ton of people ask on IG.  I got it last summer knowing she would be turning 8.  It was such a cute shirt to wear for her big day!) 

We got frozen yogurt and then went home and had spaghetti which is Harper's favorite meal.  

The fun continues later this week because both grandparents will be here Thursday to celebrate and then we are headed to Dallas with my parents to see my brother and his family.  

(And this is where I should confess if you are following me on IG that I quit Whole 30 last week during the painful eye infection.  I drank a big Sonic coke and didn't care. ha! I'm going to just start fresh next week after our weekend trip.  The thing with Whole 30 is to give yourself grace.  If you cheat  - you really need to start over on Day 1.  But it's okay.  You aren't a failure.  Just try try again!) 

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